8 Common Beretta APX Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Beretta APX Problems: The Beretta APX has gained popularity among enthusiasts and professionals. Beretta has expanded its collection of full-size pistols by introducing the APX pistol. This move sets Beretta apart as one of the manufacturers that offer both full-size polymer and metallic framed handguns in both hammer and striker-fired operating systems.

However, while the Beretta APX is known for its performance and established design it’s important for potential users to consider certain factors.

In this article, we will thoroughly explore problems that users might encounter when using the Beretta APX. Our aim is not to highlight these problems but to provide practical solutions, for each of them.

To provide you with an understanding of how the pistol performs in real-world scenarios we will include reviews, from actual users. It’s crucial to read these reviews before making any decisions regarding this firearm.

Specifications & Features of Beretta APX

TypeSemi-Automatic Pistol
Place of OriginGardone Val Trompia, Italy
ManufacturerFabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta
Produced2016 – Present
Barrel Length108 mm (4.25 in)
Cartridge9×19mm NATO or 9×21mm IMI or .40 S&W
ActionLocked breech, short recoil
Feed System10, 15, 17, or 21-round detachable box magazine (9×19mm NATO) – 15-round detachable box magazine (9×21mm IMI) – 18-round detachable box magazine (.40 S&W)
SightsDovetailed 3-dot low profile or Trijicon Night Sights
Magazine17 and 15
Overall Height5.6″ (142mm)
Overall Length7.55″ (190mm)
Overall Width1.3″ (33mm)
Weight Unloaded800g (28.24 oz) and 820g (28.92 oz)
VariantsAPX A0: APX RDO, APX Target, APX Centurion, APX Compact, APX Combat, APX Centurion Combat, APX Carry APX A1: APX A1 Tactical, APX A1 Compact, AXP A1 Carry

Common Beretta APX Problems with Solutions

The Beretta APX is a known automatic pistol that has gained popularity among many users. However, it’s important to mention that this firearm does have some concerns. Nevertheless acknowledging and addressing these concerns could potentially be considered as an option.

Here are the common problems:

  1. Weak Ejection: Users have reported problems with spent casings not ejecting properly.
  2. Case Ruptures: Some users have experienced issues with cases rupturing, which can be dangerous.
  3. Poor Accuracy: Accuracy problems have been noted by some users.
  4. Extractor Blowing Off: There have been instances where the extractor, a crucial component, detaches from the firearm.
  5. Magazine Issues: Problems related to magazines, such as feeding and cycling issues, have been reported.
  6. Firing Pin Protrusion: Users have raised concerns about the firing pin protruding unexpectedly.
  7. Shorter Slide Stop: The slide stop, which holds the slide open after the last round, has been noted to be shorter than desired by some users.
  8. Spare Part Issues: Finding repair and spare parts for this model can be extremely challenging.

Now that you’re aware of the common problems users face when using the Beretta APX handgun, let’s delve into each of these issues and their potential solutions in greater detail.

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Problem #1: Weak Ejection

One of the most common issues with the Beretta APX is a weak ejection, where spent casings don’t eject properly and can even fly back toward the shooter. This issue can be attributed to the strong recoil spring and the gun’s unique internal design mechanism.


Using more powerful or high-pressure ammunition, such as 9mm Winchester NATO, can resolve this issue. High-pressure ammo helps the gun’s springs break in over time, leading to improved ejection performance with various types of rounds.

Problem #2: Case Ruptures

Case ruptures can occur when firing a round, and this issue can be dangerous with the Beretta APX due to its chamber design. If the slide is even slightly out of battery when a case rupture happens, it can send hot and sharp metal shrapnel flying out of the receiver.


Sending the gun back to Beretta for service is a common fix for this issue. Beretta will often make necessary adjustments or repairs without providing detailed explanations.

Strengthening the recoil spring to ensure the gun remains in battery longer during firing is one suspected solution, although the exact modifications made by Beretta are not always disclosed. Considering an alternative version of the gun or aftermarket barrels may be the best long-term solution.

Problem #3: Poor Accuracy

Some users have reported poor accuracy with the Beretta APX, primarily due to the unique Combat Sighting System it uses, which differs from traditional sights.


To fix this issue:

  1. Using a Different Aiming Method: The Beretta APX’s Combat Sighting System requires placing the white dot right on top of the target, unlike most guns where the sight is placed just below the target. Adapting to this aiming method can improve accuracy.
  2. Buying Aftermarket Sights: Investing in aftermarket sights, such as a laser or tactical light, can enhance your accuracy. The Beretta Fiber Optic Adjustable Sight Kit is a suitable choice for those comfortable with this sight type.

Problem #4: Extractor Blowing Off

This issue involves the chambered case rupturing at the base, allowing high-pressure gas to leak into the receiver. This gas can find its way into the magazine, leading to forceful ejection and, in some cases, extractor detachment.


You cannot fix this issue yourself due to the scarcity of spare parts for the APX. Contacting Beretta for repair is the recommended solution. Beretta typically covers shipping both ways and will replace any damaged parts. Shipping the gun to Beretta is necessary, and they will return it to you after repairing it.

Problem #5: Magazine Issues

The slide on the Beretta APX sometimes fails to lock back on the last round when manipulated by the shooter’s hands, making it inconvenient for those going through multiple magazines at the range.


The issue often lies with the magazine’s spring, which can compress over time. Stretching the spring slightly can decompress it, providing more resistance to push the slide stop back up and lock the slide after firing the last round.

Problem #6: Firing Pin Protrusion

In rare cases, the firing pin on the Beretta APX can become stuck in a forward position, causing it to protrude from the slide further than it should. This situation can result in out-of-battery detonation, leading to case ruptures and potential gun failure.


If the firing pin protrudes abnormally, cease firing immediately, document the issue with photos, and contact Beretta. Beretta should provide a new slide and request the old one for testing.

Problem #7: Shorter Slide Stop

Some shooters find the shorter slide stop on the Beretta APX to be problematic, especially if their hand size doesn’t align well with it.


Beretta has responded to customer feedback by offering an Oversized Slide Stop for the APX. If you find the shorter slide stop uncomfortable, you can obtain the oversized slide stop from Beretta and install it on your firearm.

Problem #8: Spare Part Issues

Finding spare parts for the Beretta APX can be challenging, as they are not readily available in the marketplace, partly due to the gun’s unique design and components.


Locating spare parts for the APX can be difficult and costly. Consider this when deciding to purchase the firearm, especially if you anticipate using it frequently and potentially needing replacement parts.

Holsters and accessories for the APX may also be limited, so keep this in mind if you plan to carry it concealed. The ongoing search for spare parts can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

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User Reviews for Beretta APX

The Beretta APX receives praise from users, in handgun reviews. One user describes it as a made pistol that exceeded their expectations. He emphasizes its handling, smooth trigger pull, and low recoil making it a pleasure to shoot. This reviewer wholeheartedly recommends the APX for its quality and affordability.

Another user highlights the value of the Beretta APX calling it a striker-fired pistol at an incredible price point. He mentions its reliability, ease of use out of the box, and performance even after firing over 1,000 rounds. According to this user, the APX’s comfortable grip, minimal recoil, and quick target acquisition will make it highly sought after in no time (source).

Overall the Beretta APX receives acclaim from users due to its combination of quality craftsmanship, performance excellence, and affordable pricing. It stands out as a choice for shooters as well as those new, to firearms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beretta APX

How much is a Beretta APX?

The MSRP of Beretta APX is $597.99.

What does APX stand for in Beretta APX?

The APX in Beretta APX stands for Advanced Pistol X.

Is the Beretta APX 9mm a good gun?

The Beretta APX 9mm pistol is a great choice. It’s comfortable, easy to handle, and accurate. You can attach optical sights for better aim, and it has a good capacity for bullets. Plus, it’s affordable.

When did the Beretta APX carry come out?

Beretta APX came out in 2016.

Where is Beretta APX made?

Beretta APX is manufactured in Beretta’s manufacturing facility in Gallatin, Tennessee, United States.

Why is the Beretta APX so cheap?

The Beretta APX is affordable because it was initially created for a US Army competition to replace the Beretta M9. While it didn’t win, the civilian market received surplus models, leading to competitive pricing. Glock and Smith & Wesson retained popularity, but most other models from the competition faded away due to limited civilian adoption.

What holster will fit a Beretta APX?

You can buy the best holsters for Beretta APX by clicking here.

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