11 Common GLOCK 19X Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

GLOCK 19X Problems: GLOCK’s first ever ‘Crossover’ pistol, the GLOCK 19X, is something special. It’s like they took the best parts of two of their most popular guns and put them together. Imagine a big GLOCK 17 and a smaller GLOCK 19 working together to make a super pistol for any situation.

The 19X comes in a cool coyote color, and what’s really cool is that the slide, the part that moves back and forth when you shoot, is colored too. They even added a special coating to keep it from getting rusty.

Some other neat things about this pistol are the GLOCK Marksman Barrel, which helps you shoot accurately, and the fact that there are no grooves on the handle, making it comfortable for all hand sizes. Plus, left-handed and right-handed folks can use it easily because of the ambidextrous slide-stop levers. There’s even a little loop for attaching a strap.

When you buy the 19X, it comes with a regular 17-round magazine, which holds bullets, and two bigger 17+2-round magazines, so you can shoot more before you have to reload. It all comes in a coyote-colored case to keep it safe.

But, even though this pistol is awesome and has been designed by GLOCK, there are still some things you should be careful about.

In this article, we’re going to dig deep into possible problems you might face when using the GLOCK 19X. We’re not just going to point out these problems; we’ll also tell you how to solve them.

To give you the full picture of how this pistol performs in real life, we’ll include reviews from people who have actually used it. So, make sure to read those before you decide to get one.

Features & Specifications of GLOCK 19X

TypeSemi-automatic pistol
Place of originAustria
ManufacturerGLOCK Ges.m.b.H.
SystemSafe Action
Mag. CapacityStandard:
Optional: 17 / 19 / 24
Barrel Length102 mm
Weight (without magazine)625 g
Weight (with empty magazine)704 g
Weight (with loaded magazine)890 g
Trigger Pull26 N
Length (Overall)189 mm
Slide Length174 mm
Width (Overall)33 mm
Slide Width25.5 mm
Height incl. Mag.139 mm
Line of Sight (Polymer)
Line of Sight (Steel)152 mm
Line of Sight (GNS)151 mm
Trigger Distance70 mm

Common GLOCK 19X Problems with Solutions

Common GLOCK 19X Problems with Solutions

The GLOCK 19X is a recognized firearm that is highly regarded worldwide for its durability and adaptability, in situations. However, as with any firearm, it may encounter issues.

Here are some common problems that individuals may face with the GLOCK 19X:

  1. Failure To Eject: On occasion spent casings may not be expelled properly after firing.
  2. Failure To Feed: The gun might experience difficulties in loading the round into the chamber.
  3. Slide Stop Issues: The slide may fail to remain open as intended after the last round is fired.
  4. Trigger Reset Issues: The trigger might not reset accurately impacting shots.
  5. Magazine Issues: Problems with the magazines can lead to issues with feeding and firing.
  6. Mottled Appearance: Over time the gun’s finish might exhibit a worn appearance.
  7. Ejection Issues: Casings may not consistently eject, resulting in jams.
  8. Firing Pin Breakage: The firing pin, responsible for igniting the round by striking the primer could break.
  9. Sights Coming Loose: The sights on the firearm might gradually become loose over time.
  10. Grip Design Flaws: Some users may find discomfort with the grip due, to its size.
  11. Jamming Issue: It can be quite frustrating and unsafe when the gun frequently gets jammed.

Now that you have knowledge about these problems let’s delve deeper into each problem and examine solutions more closely. This will ensure that you are well prepared if you currently own or intend to purchase a GLOCK 19X.

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Problem #1: Failure To Eject

This problem happens when the empty shell casing doesn’t come out of the gun after it’s fired. Several things can cause this issue, like a dirty or broken part that helps remove the shell or the ammunition itself not being good. If this problem occurs, the used casing can get stuck inside the gun, causing it to jam and potentially putting the user in danger.


To prevent this problem, make sure the parts that remove the shell and the thing that pushes it out are clean and working well. Also, use good-quality ammunition. If the issue keeps happening, you might need to replace those parts or have a gun expert check your gun.

Problem #2. Failure To Feed

When a new round doesn’t fit correctly into the chamber of the gun this problem occurs. There can be reasons, for this such as a damaged magazine, a weak recoil spring, or a chamber that is dented.

If there is a breakdown the user may need to clear the jam in order to properly load the round. This can be concerning when relying on a firearm for self-defense as it can cause delays in firing and potentially put the user in danger.


It is essential to maintain both the firearm and magazine to prevent this issue. This includes using high-quality ammunition and regularly cleaning and lubricating them. If the problem persists consider replacing the magazine or consult with a gun dealer, for inspection and assistance based on your specific circumstances.

Problem #3. Slide Stop Issues

The slide stop plays a role in locking the slide after firing the last round. If the slide stop isn’t functioning correctly it can be difficult to determine if the gun magazine is empty as it won’t allow for locking.

There are factors that can contribute to this issue, such as a dirty or incorrectly used slide stop. In some cases, users may need to check the magazine to ensure it is empty before reloading.


To avoid problems, with the slide stop it is essential to maintain it through cleaning and lubrication. Additionally using caution and applying pressure when manipulating the slide stop is crucial.

Problem #4: Trigger Reset Problems

This issue happens when the trigger doesn’t go back to its starting position after you shoot. It can happen because of a bad trigger part, a slow spring, or not using the trigger correctly. When this happens, your gun might not work right or might shoot strangely, which is dangerous.


Usually, you can fix this by cleaning and putting some special stuff on the trigger part or replacing a broken spring. Also, use the trigger the right way to avoid this problem.

Problem #5: Magazine Troubles

The GLOCK 19 uses a special magazine that can sometimes have problems with feeding bullets correctly. This can be because the magazine is old, the spring in it is weak, or you don’t load it right. If the magazine has issues, your gun might not load bullets right, which can cause jams or other problems.


To avoid feeding problems, keep the magazine clean and put some special stuff on it. Load it right, make sure the bullets are in place and don’t overfill it.

Problem #6. Mottled Appearance

There are reasons, for the mottled look on your GLOCK 19X. One possibility is that the gun has been exposed to prolonged periods of bright sunlight or high temperatures causing its outer layer to fade or discolor and resulting in a mottled appearance.

Another reason could be the use of solvents or chemicals on the surface leading to fading or discoloration and giving the gun a mottled look. Additionally, it’s possible that there was a flaw in the production process, such as finishing or coating which can also cause an appearance.


To address the appearance of your GLOCK 19X it’s important to identify the root cause before taking any measures. If exposure to temperatures or harsh chemicals is to blame you can clean the gun using a gun scrubber or liquid. Apply surface coatings to prevent further damage.

In case the mottled look is due to a manufacturing defect reaching out, to the manufacturing company or consulting with a licensed service technician can help resolve this issue by having them inspect and repair the gun if necessary.

You can restore the appearance of the gun. Ensure its secure functioning by taking the required measures to address the underlying cause of the patchy look.

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Problem #7: Ejection Issues

Another problem with the GLOCK 19X is ejection issues, which can interfere with how the gun works. The main concern here is that spent shell casings don’t always get ejected reliably when you fire the gun.

Some possible reasons for this problem include holding the gun incorrectly, using low-quality ammunition, having debris inside the ejection port, or a worn-out ejector.


To fix this issue, you should:

  1. Carefully check your GLOCK 19X to make sure everything is in good condition.
  2. Make sure you have a firm and consistent grip on the gun, along with the correct shooting posture, to help with proper ejection.
  3. Use high-quality ammunition from well-known manufacturers that meet your gun’s specifications, as weak rounds can lead to ejection problems.
  4. If the ejection issue persists, seek help from a qualified firearms technician.
  5. Clean and lubricate the extractor.
  6. Replace the ejector if it’s damaged.

Problem #8: Firing Pin Breakage

The firing pin in your GLOCK 19X is a small but crucial part. Over time, it can break, causing your pistol to malfunction.

Signs that your firing pin may need replacement include a trigger that feels “dead” when pulled, or the firing pin sticking out when it should retract.


To replace the firing pin:

  1. Only use firing pins from the GLOCK manufacturer, as other brands might compromise safety and performance.
  2. Replacing the firing pin is a straightforward process.
  3. Regularly inspect your GLOCK 19X to prevent unexpected failures.
  4. If problems persist, consult a certified GLOCK armorer.

Problem #9: Sights Coming Loose

Your GLOCK 19X’s sights can become loose over time, affecting your accuracy and precision.


To tighten loose sights:

  1. Use a flathead screwdriver to securely tighten the screw in the center of the rear sight, but don’t overtighten it.
  2. Replace damaged or missing sights. This is a task that many gun owners can do themselves.

Problem #10: Grip Design Flaws

GLOCK 19X’s grip size may not be comfortable for people with smaller hands.


Make the grip smaller and more ergonomic by installing a polymer grip reduction kit. This kit shaves down parts of the grip frame to make it shorter and more manageable for those with smaller hands.

Problem #11: Jamming Issue

After firing about 100 rounds, your 19X may start experiencing jams due to recoil spring stiffness, slide cycling speed, and lack of lubrication from the manufacturer.


To resolve this:

  1. Shoot more rounds through the gun to remove the anti-seize applied by GLOCK before use.
  2. Lubricate key areas, including the rails, striker catch, lower surface of the firing pin block, spring assembly, and the area under the barrel to prevent jams.

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User Reviews for GLOCK 19X

The Glock 19X stands out in several ways that make it unique among handguns. Notably, it comes in a distinctive color and features night sights, along with magazines that can hold 19 rounds of ammunition.

However, some users have reservations about its design, particularly the combination of a long grip and a shorter slide, which they feel is less suitable for concealed carry.

Despite this, the Glock 19X delivers exceptional performance, with the Gen 5 models receiving especially high praise. Some users even argue that it may outshine the Glock 17 when carried in the appendix position inside the waistband.

Users appreciate the balance, trigger, and the gun’s impressive capacity compared to other standard Glock models. Surprisingly, in timed matches using IDPA targets, the Glock 19X has been known to outperform the Glock 34 Gen 4, Glock 17 Gen 4, Glock 30, Glock 19 Gen 4, and the Glock 34 Gen 4, showcasing its prowess in practical shooting scenarios (source).

In terms of durability, the Glock 19X boasts an average finish that doesn’t wear out too quickly, making it a suitable candidate as a host gun for suppressors.

Strangely, thanks to its full grip and a slide that cycles lighter and faster, the Glock 19X offers a notably flat shooting experience. Despite the concerns mentioned in this article, it remains an overall outstanding firearm.

Frequently Asked Questions About GLOCK 19X

How much is a GLOCK 19X?

The MSRP of GLOCK 19X is $749.

What gen is the GLOCK 19X?

The GLOCK 19X is designed to work with Gen5 G19 slides. This means it’s part of the fifth generation of GLOCK handguns.

It’s important to note that you cannot mix and match components from different generations, as they won’t function together.

When did the GLOCK 19X come out?

GLOCK introduced the G19X to the public in January 2018, specifically at the SHOT Show, which is an annual trade show for the firearms industry.

Why was the GLOCK 19X discontinued?

No, the GLOCK 19X is not being discontinued. There have been rumors suggesting otherwise, but these rumors are incorrect. You can still buy a brand new GLOCK 19X in stores today.

What caliber is GLOCK 19X?

The GLOCK 19X uses 9x19mm ammunition.

What is the difference between GLOCK 19X and 45?

The GLOCK 19X and GLOCK 45 differ in several ways. The G19X has a unique nPVD slide finish, while the G45 uses the standard Gen 5 nDLC finish.

The G19X is mainly coyote-colored, whereas the G45 offers black, FDE, BFG, and gray options. The G19X uses maritime spring cups, while the G45 uses standard ones, but these can be swapped between them.

Importantly, the G19X requires modified floor plates to accept “Gen 5” magazines, setting it apart in magazine compatibility.

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