8 Common Rock Island 10mm Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Rock Island 10mm Problems: Gun enthusiasts have been engaged in discussions and debates, about the Rock Island 10mm handgun for quite some time. This firearm is built on the 70 series 1911 design and is designed to accommodate the 10mm round.

What makes the RIA 10mm guns stand out are their durability, comfortable grip, and impressive accuracy. They offer user features, solid construction, remarkable precision, reliability, and all at a price point making them an appealing choice for individuals seeking a self-defense handgun.

Undeniably there are advantages to owning this firearm. However despite its performance and being backed by the Armscor brand, potential users need to consider some important factors.

In this article, we will thoroughly explore challenges that may arise when using the Rock Island 10mm handgun. But our intention isn’t solely to highlight these problems; we will also provide solutions for each of them.

To give you an understanding of how this pistol performs in real-life scenarios we will include reviews from actual users. It’s crucial to read these reviews before making any decisions as they can offer insights, into both the strengths and weaknesses of the gun.

Specification and Features of Rock Island 10mm

TypeSemi-automatic pistol
Place of originMarikina, Philippines
ManufacturerArmscor Global Defense, Inc.
Overall Length8.74” / 222mm
Overall Width2.5 lbs / 1.13 kg
Overall Height5.51” / 140mm
Weight2.5 lbs / 1.13 kg
Front SightDovetail Fiber Optic Front Sight
Rear SightLPA MPS1 Type Adjustable Rear Sight
GripsG10 Black/Grey
FinishBlack Parkerized
Trigger Pull4 – 6 lbs
PurposePersonal Protection, Recreational Shooting, Hunting
MSRP (US)$749
Maryland CompliantYes

Common Rock Island 10mm Problems with Solutions

The Rock Island 10mm handgun is known to be a top-notch firearm. However, it often gives users some trouble. But don’t worry, we can make it even better by fixing these problems.

Here are the issues people often encounter:

  1. Failures to Feed: Sometimes, the gun doesn’t load bullets properly.
  2. Failures to Eject: It doesn’t always kick out spent casings correctly.
  3. Recoil Spring Issue: The part responsible for absorbing recoil may have problems.
  4. Slide Not Locking: The slide, which moves when you fire, might not stay open when it should.
  5. Too Heavy for Beginners: It can be quite heavy, making it challenging for new shooters.
  6. Sharp Edges: Some parts of the gun can have sharp edges, causing discomfort.
  7. Irregular Lockup: The way the gun locks when it’s ready to fire might be inconsistent.
  8. Jamming Issues: Bullets may get stuck in the gun, causing jams.

Now that you know the common problems with the Rock Island 10mm handgun, let’s look at each of these issues and how you can potentially fix them in more detail.

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Problem #1: Failures to Feed

Frequent jams in the Rock Island 10mm can result from lower-quality construction, particularly if parts are made from subpar materials. Issues with the feed ramp geometry or rapid wear can lead to failures to feed. Additionally, hollow-point ammunition may catch on the feed ramp.


  • Contact Armscor regarding construction-related issues with the feed ramp. Replacement parts may be necessary, but long-term issues might persist.
  • Consider using ball ammunition instead of hollow points as a diagnostic measure. Avoid touching the slide during chambering to ensure proper functioning.
  • If failures to feed persist with ball ammunition and no slide interference, consult a gunsmith to rule out various causes, possibly requiring a return to Armscor for a faulty feed ramp.

Problem #2: Failures to Eject

Failures to eject can occur due to issues with the ejector, cases remaining in the chamber, or the rim of the case being ripped off and stuck in the chamber. Causes include poor-quality ammunition, weak recoil springs, or chambers that are slightly too small.


  • If the extractor is the issue, replace it, which is a relatively straightforward task.
  • Avoid using reloaded or low-quality ammunition and opt for higher-quality rounds.
  • If problems persist, contact Armscor, as the chamber may be out of spec.

Problem #3: Recoil Spring Issue

A lightweight 20lbs recoil spring in the Rock Island 10mm can induce irregular lock-up, leading to decreased accuracy.


  • Replace the recoil spring with a stronger one, such as a 23-pound spring, ensuring compatibility with the firearm’s system (source).

Problem #4: Slide Not Locking

Loose gas block screws can reduce the bolt’s stroke, causing some models to fail to lock back slides. This issue may also involve a malfunctioning or rounded-off bolt stop.


  • Test the pistol before purchasing to prevent this issue.
  • If encountered, replace the gas block screw as it wears out to address the problem. Consider adding a stronger buffer spring to prevent recurrence.

Problem #5: Too Heavy for Beginners

Some users may find the Rock Island 10mm relatively heavy compared to other handguns, which can lead to potential imbalance and accuracy challenges.


  • While reducing the gun’s weight is not straightforward, you can consider using lighter-weight ammunition to decrease the gun’s overall weight, making it easier to handle.
  • Practice and familiarity with the firearm can mitigate perceived weight issues as shooters become more accustomed to it.
  • Explore different backstraps and grips to find a more comfortable and balanced grip, further improving control and handling.

Problem #6: Sharp Edges

The thumb safety and other edges on the Rock Island 10mm may be uncomfortably sharp.


  • Soften sharp edges using a fine-grain stone available at gunsmith supply stores. Gently drag the stone down the edges to break the sharpness, or repeat to create a beveled or rounded edge.
  • Exercise caution when working on sliding serrations to avoid accidental damage.
  • While working on the thumb safety and sharp edges, ensure the serration’s flat bottom is protected to prevent unintended surface scratches.

Problem #7: Irregular Lockup

Inconsistent lockup in the Rock Island 10mm can result in misfires and accuracy problems, primarily caused by a worn extractor or an underpowered recoil spring.


  • Replace the extractor with a new one to ensure secure round lockup and prevent irregular lockup. Consider keeping spare extractors, recoil springs, and firing pin springs, especially if you own a Rock Island 10mm or similar 1911 design.
  • Select recoil springs designed for Rock Island 10mm firearms to maintain proper functionality and longevity.
  • Ensure proper lubrication to reduce friction between components and maintain smooth operation.

Problem #8: Jamming Issues

Jamming in the Rock Island 10mm can result from various factors, including poor manufacturing, inadequate maintenance, and the use of cheap ammunition.


  • Address jamming issues by experimenting with different combinations of ammunition, magazines, and extractors.
  • If problems persist, consider contacting the manufacturer, as it may be a design flaw that requires professional attention. Regular maintenance and the use of quality ammunition can also help prevent jamming.

User Reviews for Rock Island 10mm

Not every gun in the RIA 10mm series can make every customer happy. People online have shared both good and bad things about these guns.

For example, one user on the 1911 forum really liked the fiber optic sight on these guns. He thought it was a great feature, especially for the price. He also said the gun is well-made and fits together nicely, which is impressive considering how affordable it is.

But there’s a problem with the grip safety. When you hold the gun firmly and press the grip safely, it sometimes gets stuck in the down position. This is a concern because it could affect how safe and reliable the gun is.

Plus, some users mentioned that the ammo for these guns is more expensive and harder to find. And these issues are on top of the other problems people have talked about.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rock Island 10mm

Who makes Rock Island 10mm?

Rock Island 10mm is made by firearms manufacturing company Armscor Global Defense, Inc. based in the Philippines.

Where is Rock Island 10mm made?

Rock Island 10mm is made by Armscor Global Defense, Inc. in their manufacturing facility in Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines.

How much is a Rock Island 10mm?

The MSRP of Rock Island 10mm is $749.

How many magazines does the Rock Island Armory Rock Ultra 10mm come with?

The Rock Island Armory Rock Ultra 10mm handgun comes with two 16-round magazines.

Why is my Rock Island 10mm stovepiping?

Stovepiping issues with your Rock Island 10mm are most likely caused by problems with either the ejector or extractor, or both.

These components are critical for proper cartridge ejection and firearm cycling. You can diagnose and potentially address these issues without firing the gun.

How reliable are Rock Island 10mm?

Rock Island 10mm handguns are known for their reliability. The 10mm cartridge was intentionally designed to be the same length as a .45 caliber round, making it compatible with the 1911-style design.

As a result, 10mm ammunition consistently feeds in the 1911 envelope, contributing to the overall reliability of Rock Island 10mm pistols.

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