10 Common SIG P320 X5 Legion Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

SIG P320 X5 Legion Problems: The P320 XFIVE or X5 Legion is a handgun designed for shooters. It has been enhanced with the TXG tungsten-infused grip module increasing its weight to 43.5oz. This unique feature combines the solidity of steel, with the flexibility of polymer resulting in reduced muzzle flip by up to 50%.

The XFIVE Legion also boasts a trigger that offers a pull up to 30% lighter in fact. This not only enhances shooting speed but also improves accuracy. The recoil system has been upgraded with a steel guide rod and a 14lb 1911 style spring along with a 12lb spring included.

Its signature Legion Gray finish and Henning Group anodized aluminum base pads with Legion markings on the sight plate add to its appeal.

With features like the magwell & grip weight, Romeo1PRO optic slide, 5″ bull barrel, and Dawson Precision fiber optic adjustable sights the P320 XFIVE Legion surpasses its competition and sets a new standard for all pistols.

However despite its performance and established design, as a SIG Sauer firearm potential users should be aware of certain considerations.

In this article, we will delve into challenges that users may face while utilizing the SIG P320 X5 Legion. Our focus is not, on identifying these issues but, on providing viable solutions for each of them.

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the pistol’s real-world performance, we’ll incorporate authentic reviews from actual users. So, Make sure to read them before making any decision.

Features & Specifications of SIG P320 X5 Legion

TypeSemi-Automatic Pistol
Place of OriginSchleswig-Holstein, Germany
ManufacturerSIG Sauer GmbH & Co. KG
Caliber9×19 mm Parabellum
.357 SIG
.40 S&W
10 mm Auto
.45 ACP
MAGS INCLUDED(3) 17rd Steel Mag
SIGHTSDawson Precision Adjustable
OVERALL LENGTH8.5 in [216 mm]
OVERALL WIDTH1.6 in [41 mm]
HEIGHT5.8 in (147 mm)
BARREL LENGTH5 in (127 mm)
WEIGHT43.5 oz (1.2 kg)
SIGHT RADIUS6.8 in (173 mm)
TRIGGER TYPESkeletonized
SLIDE FINISHStainless Steel

Common SIG P320 X5 Legion Problems with Solutions

The SIG P320 X5 Legion comes with many special features. It has a norso slide, faxon barrel, double comp, a 1911 spring, tungsten guide rod, TXG grip, gray cun trigger kit, keres adjustable trigger, and SRO optic. It’s a favorite among shooters!

But like any firearm, it’s not perfect. People using the SIG P320 X5 Legion have reported some common problems:

  1. Recoil Spring Issue: Some users have experienced problems with the recoil spring, which helps the gun function smoothly.
  2. Trigger Pull Problem: The way the trigger feels when you pull it has caused issues for some users.
  3. Battery Blowing Out Issues: This refers to the battery in the optic, which can sometimes have problems.
  4. Sight Issues: The sights on the handgun may not always work as expected.
  5. Slide Locking/FTE Due to Lack of Lube: If the gun isn’t properly lubricated, it can lead to problems with the slide locking open or failures to eject (FTE).
  6. Magazine Problems: Issues with magazines can cause feeding problems.
  7. Outgassing Issues: Some users have noticed gas-related issues with the handgun.
  8. Ergonomic Issues: The way the handgun fits in the hand or how comfortable it is to hold has been problematic for a few users.
  9. Trigger Reset Issue: The trigger may not reset correctly for some users, affecting follow-up shots.
  10. Light Primer Strikes: This can result in rounds not firing reliably.

Now that you know about these common problems with the SIG P320 X5 Legion, let’s delve deeper into each issue and explore possible solutions in more detail.

Problem #1: Recoil Spring Issue

When using the P320 X5 Legion, you might encounter a problem where the gun won’t go into battery, and the slide might feel overly tight. Additionally, the pin on the right side of the striker (extractor) could seem jammed. Another issue related to the recoil spring is the possibility of experiencing failure to eject.


To address the jammed pin, you can use a punch to free it, and then try cycling the slide. However, changing the pin may not always resolve the issue.

One effective solution for these problems is to replace the stock recoil spring with a 1911 guide rod equipped with a lighter spring. Many users have reported that the stock springs can be problematic.

If you encounter issues with the gun failing to return to battery, it’s recommended to contact SIG for a fix, as they have a record of addressing this issue.

Problem #2: Trigger Pull Problem

The P320 X5 Legion can experience a trigger pull problem due to the firing pin block in the pistol’s design, which can make the trigger slow to reset and feel sluggish.


There are a few potential solutions for this issue:

  1. Replace the firing pin block: A gunsmith can easily replace the firing pin block with a new one, which is often an affordable fix and can eliminate the sluggish trigger feel.
  2. Invest in a trigger job: This service can reduce the force required to pull the trigger, resulting in a faster trigger reset and a more responsive trigger.
  3. Consider aftermarket triggers: If problems persist, you might opt to replace the trigger with an aftermarket one, which can provide a crisper and smoother trigger pull, though this is a more expensive solution.

Problem #3: Battery Blowing Out Issues

The P320 can have an issue where the gun fires out of battery, meaning the slide isn’t fully forward when the trigger is pulled. This can lead to discomfort or damage.


While SIG did not issue a safety recall for this problem, they have faced lawsuits related to it. If you experience this issue, it’s advisable to contact SIG for assistance in resolving it.

Problem #4: Sight issues

Some users have reported problems with the red dot sight, including difficulties with zeroing and maintaining proper alignment.


To troubleshoot sight issues:

  1. Check the zero: Ensure the sight is properly zeroed for your shooting conditions and distance, following the owner’s manual for guidance.
  2. Check the battery: Make sure the sight’s battery is correctly installed and functioning. Replace it with a fresh battery if needed.
  3. Clean the sight: Use a cleaning solvent to clean the sight lens and housing, as dirt or fingerprints can affect accuracy.
  4. Check the mounting: Ensure the sight is securely mounted without any looseness or movement in the mount.

Problem #5: Slide Locking/FTE Due to Lack of Lube

After firing around 500 rounds through the P320 X-Five, users may experience frequent failures to eject (FTE) and stovepipes, especially after the final round is fired. The slide may not lock back when the magazine is empty.


Before using the handgun, clean and lubricate it thoroughly, following SIG’s recommendations. The P320 X-Five should be well-lubricated for reliable operation.

If the slide is not locking back when the magazine is empty, it’s likely due to low-powered ammunition or inadvertently contacting the slide catch lever with your thumb. Try shooting with your left hand to see if the problem persists.

If the issue continues, consider trying a different type of ammunition, as the one you’re using might not cycle the slide correctly. Experiment with different brands or grains of ammunition, such as 124 or 147 grain bullets.

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Problem #6: Magazine Problems

Some users have problems with magazines in their SIG P320 X5 Legion, like cartridges not feeding or ejecting properly.


  1. Check the magazine spring: Make sure the spring inside the magazine isn’t damaged, worn out, or squished. If it’s weak or damaged, it can cause issues with loading cartridges.
  2. Inspect the follower: Ensure the follower (the part that pushes the cartridges up) is installed correctly and working well. If it’s bent or damaged, it might need replacement.
  3. Clean the magazine: Use a cleaning liquid to clean the inside of the magazine and remove any dirt or grime that might be affecting its performance.
  4. Examine the magazine lips: Check if the lips at the top of the magazine (where the bullets come out) are damaged or bent. Bent lips can lead to feeding problems.
  5. Load the magazine correctly: When loading, make sure the cartridges are aligned properly with the magazine lips to prevent issues.
  6. Refer to the owner’s manual: If you’re still facing problems with the magazine, consult the user manual or seek help from a qualified technician for further guidance.

Problem #7: Outgassing Issues

The slot at the back of the chamber in the SIG P320 X5 Legion can lead to outgassing problems, causing the optic to fog up due to spent ammo residues.


The design problem here is that the slide is already cut for a Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI), but SIG didn’t install it, leaving a gap at the top of the slide.

Depending on how close your red dot sight is to this gap, some gas can escape from there and make the lens cloudy. To fix this, send the firearm to SIG. They will rework the cut and resolve the issue caused by the initial cut.

Problem #8: Ergonomic Issues

Some users find discomfort with the grip or other parts of the firearm, making their shooting experience less enjoyable.


  1. Adjust the grip: Ensure the grip fits your hand size and shooting style properly. Some SIG P320 X5 Legion models have adjustable grips, so make adjustments for a better shooting experience.
  2. Use grip tape or stippling: Applying grip tape or adding stippling (texture) to the grip can improve traction, preventing slips while shooting.
  3. Check trigger reach: Ensure the distance to the trigger is comfortable and doesn’t cause discomfort or strain during shooting.
  4. Try different backstraps: Some models come with various backstraps that you can swap to enhance fit and comfort.

Remember, not all SIG P320 X5 Legion firearms have these issues, and the specific problems can vary based on your firearm and shooting conditions.

Problem #9: Trigger Reset Issue

Some owners experience problems with the trigger not fully resetting after firing on their P320 X5 Legion, especially during rapid firing or when the gun gets hot.


To fix this issue:

  1. Regularly clean and lubricate trigger components: Keep these parts free from debris and well-lubricated to ensure proper resetting. Clean the gun after every range visit.
  2. Consider replacing the trigger spring: If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, replace the lighter trigger spring with a slightly heavier one (around 5-6 pounds) to provide more force for resetting.
  3. Inspect the trigger bar: Look for any burrs or damage that might hinder the trigger components’ movement. Replace damaged parts if necessary.
  4. Explore aftermarket trigger options: Some users have successfully installed aftermarket triggers designed for the P320, like the Apex Advanced Trigger Kit, to improve trigger pull and reset.

With regular maintenance and minor adjustments, you can resolve trigger reset issues on your P320 X5 Legion and enjoy its high-performance capabilities.

Problem #10: Light Primer Strikes

Light primer strikes in the P320 X5 Legion can result from various causes, including a weak mainspring, debris in the firing pin channel, or hard primers in the ammunition.


Here are steps to address light primer strikes:

  1. Clean and lubricate striker components: Use a solvent to clean the firing pin channel and striker assembly. Apply a light coat of gun oil for lubrication. Avoid excessive oil, as it can attract more debris.
  2. Replace the mainspring: If cleaning doesn’t help, consider replacing the mainspring. Check your P320’s manual for the correct mainspring and installation instructions.
  3. Try different ammunition: Experiment with different ammunition brands, preferably those with softer primers requiring less force to ignite. Test to see if the problem persists with other types of ammo before further disassembling the pistol.
  4. Consult a gunsmith: If all else fails, seek the expertise of a professional gunsmith to examine the firing pin and striker assembly for damage or excessive wear. They can replace parts as needed to ensure proper firing.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve light primer strike issues in your Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion, ensuring it functions reliably.

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User Reviews for SIG P320 X5 Legion

Several users have shared their positive experiences with the SIG Sauer P320 X5 Legion. One user mentioned how he loved his X5 Legion and even had to buy a second one for their wife due to its appeal.

Another user praised the firearm’s ergonomics, balance, and rapid target acquisition, highlighting its suitability for competition shooting. He also appreciated its modularity, allowing for different setups with the same FCU.

Another user straightforwardly recommended the P320 for those seeking modularity. Another user highlighted the X5 Legion’s versatility, using it for various purposes, including training, plinking, and USPSA matches, with thousands of rounds fired without issues. However, he noted that it can get heavy for all-day carry (source).

Overall, the reviews collectively convey a strong endorsement of the SIG Sauer P320 X5 Legion, emphasizing its performance, modularity, and reliability, making it a favored choice for various shooting activities, with only minor considerations about weight for extended carry.

Frequently Asked Questions About SIG P320 X5 Legion

Is the SIG P320 X5 Legion a good gun?

Yes, the SIG P320 X5 Legion is one of the best shooting guns, but its goodness depends on how well it suits your needs and preferences. To determine if it’s right for you, it’s essential to test-fire it and see if it meets your requirements.

What is the P320 X5 Legion for?

The P320 X5 Legion is designed for serious shooters who demand high performance from their handgun. It offers enhanced features and accuracy, making it ideal for competitive shooting and those who prioritize precision in their shooting activities.

Why is a P320 better than a Glock?

The choice between a P320 and a Glock comes down to personal preference since both have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer the Glock 19 because it’s compact, while others lean toward the Sig P320 because of its adaptable magazine capacity.

Why is the SIG Legion so expensive?

The SIG Legion series tends to be pricier compared to some other handguns due to its construction materials. Most SIG models feature all-metal components, such as a steel barrel and slide on an aluminum frame, which are more expensive to manufacture than the polymer frames used in some other handguns like Glock.

What magazines fit a SIG P320 X5 Legion?

The SIG P320 X5 Legion uses a specific 10-round, 9mm extended magazine designed for this model. It’s essential to use the correct magazine to ensure proper functioning and compatibility with the firearm.

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