9 Common SIG P365 Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

SIG P365 Problems: The SIG Sauer P365 is a compact and easily portable handgun crafted by SIG Sauer. It’s tailored for everyday use and boasts some noteworthy features. Notably, the firearm is equipped with Tritium XRAY3 Day/Night Sights, enhancing visibility in a range of lighting conditions. Additionally, it includes two magazines – one flush-fitting and another with an extended finger tab for added convenience.

Manufactured with a stainless steel frame and a polymer grip module, the P365 primarily utilizes 9×19mm Parabellum cartridges, with the ability to handle higher-pressure +P ammunition. It employs offset double-stack magazines to house the rounds.

An alternative version of this firearm was introduced in February 2022, chambered for .380 ACP cartridges. These handguns are manufactured in Newington, New Hampshire, and have enjoyed immense popularity in the United States, ranking as the top-selling handguns in 2018 and 2019.

Despite its widespread acclaim, the SIG P365 has encountered some problems since its 2018 release, sparking controversy and concern among new users.

This article will discuss the most notable problems faced by the P365 and provide practical solutions to fix them. So, Whether you currently own or plan to acquire this firearm, continue reading to discover potential issues and how to effectively manage them.

Specifications & Features of SIG P365

Specification Details
Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin United States
Designed 2017
Manufacturer SIG Sauer, Newington, NH
Produced 2018–present
Variants P365 XL, P365 SAS, P365X, P365-380
Mass 500 g (18 oz)
Length 147 mm (5.8 in)
Barrel length 78 mm (3.1 in)
Width 26 mm (1.0 in)
Height 109 mm (4.3 in)
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum, .380 ACP
Action SIG Sauer System (short recoil locked breech)
Rate of fire Semi-automatic
Feed system Box magazines:
  10-round (optional finger extension)
  12-round magazine with grip sleeve
  15-round magazine with grip sleeve
  17-round magazine with grip sleeve
Sights Tritium XRAY3 Day/Night Sights, Three Dot, Combat Sighted
Slide Stainless steel, Nitron finish
Frame/Grip Stainless steel frame with polymer grip module
Magazine release Triangular button on grip (undercut trigger guard section)
Bore-axis ratio Lowest of any handgun currently made
Disassembly No tools are required and trigger is not needed
Safety options Manual safety available for MA compliance
Rail Proprietary rail below the barrel
Accessory compatibility Red and green lasers, light (for proprietary rail)
Rail adapter Available to convert to standard rail for standard accessories

Common SIG P365 Problems with Solutions

Common SIG P365 Problems with Solutions

Sig Sauer P365 is a small and much-loved handgun that captured our hearts since it was released. However, when it first came out in 2018, it had some problems that needed to be fixed.

Now, the Sig Sauer P365 has been updated and modified to address those issues. But even with the improvements, some users still report encountering problems with this model.

Some of the most common problems with the Sig Sauer P365 are:

  1. Bad Striker Design
  2. Gun Not Returning to The Battery
  3. TRS Related Issues
  4. Slide Lock Issue
  5. Loading Issue
  6. Firing Pin Issue
  7. Striker Drag
  8. Trigger Reset Failure
  9. Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA) Problem

Problem #1. Bad Striker Design

Early striker designs in some Sig P365 models had issues with firing pin breakage. This happened when users repeatedly dry-fired the guns, particularly into an empty chamber without using snap caps.


  • Sig’s striker design was improved in models after 2018 to make it stronger and more resistant to breakage.

Problem #2. Gun Not Returning to The Battery

The Sig P365 may sometimes fail to return to the battery. This could happen due to a tight fit or inadequate lubrication, particularly with a specific magazine.


  • Tap lightly on the magazine well to make it return to the battery. Regularly lubricate the firearm to help with a tight fit. Ensure the takedown lever’s rotation is fully engaged, as it can cause the slide to get stuck when reassembling the gun after cleaning.

Problem #3. TRS Related Issues

Some Sig P365s may have scratches on the magazine caused by a wrongly sized Trigger Return Spring (TRS). The long end of the TRS would come into contact with the magazine, leading to scratching and potential issues with the trigger.


  • Sig has addressed this problem by ensuring the TRS meets the correct specifications before being installed. If needed, you can replace the TRS with a compatible one, but it’s generally better to have newer models that have already fixed this issue.

Problem #4. Slide Lock Issue

One common issue faced by Sig P365 owners is the slide failing to lock back after firing the final round. This can happen due to different reasons, such as user error or internal mechanisms of the firearm.

Weak magazine springs or problems with the slide lock lever spring might cause this issue. Although it affects how the Sig P365 operates, it’s not considered a safety concern.


  • If your slide doesn’t lock back after the last round, first check your grip. Your thumb might be unintentionally engaging the slide lock lever while firing. If that’s not the problem, inspect the tension on the magazine spring to ensure proper engagement of the follower.
  • If these don’t resolve the issue, consider visiting a gunsmith or contacting Sig customer service for assistance.

Problem #5. Loading Issue

Some users have experienced issues with loading the 15-round magazines of the Sig P365, despite using tools like Maglula.


  • Using the Uplula loader can make loading the 15-round magazines easier and more efficient.

Problem #6. Firing Pin Issue

In earlier versions of the Sig P365, some owners reported broken or cracked firing pins, which understandably raised concerns. The firing pin is a critical component responsible for igniting the cartridge and firing the bullet.

A broken firing pin can render the firearm inoperable, posing a serious safety issue, especially in self-defense situations.


  • If you suspect a cracked or broken firing pin in your P365, contact Sig immediately. Sig Sauer has acknowledged this issue in early production runs and offers free replacement for affected parts.The newer design of the firing pin has addressed this problem, ensuring better durability and safety.

Problem #7. Striker Drag

Striker drag is a phenomenon commonly observed in short-barreled, striker-fired handguns like the Sig P365. It occurs when the slide recoils before the cartridge is fully ejected, causing the casing’s primer end to drag against the striker.

This can lead to increased wear and, in some cases, physical damage to the striker. While it typically doesn’t affect reliability, it’s essential for Sig owners to be aware of this issue.


  • Striker drag is a known problem in small striker-fired pistols and is generally not a cause for alarm. Regularly inspecting spent casings for excessive primer deformation can indicate the severity of the striker drag.
  • If you notice the issue worsening, seek advice from Sig Sauer or a local gunsmith to prevent potential long-term damage to your firearm.

Problem #8. Trigger Reset Failure

Some users have reported trigger reset failure with the Sig P365. In normal operation, after firing a round and cycling the slide, the trigger should reset to the forward position for the next shot. However, in some cases, the trigger fails to reset, preventing subsequent firing.


  • Start by thoroughly cleaning your firearm, as dirt or debris may be interfering with the trigger’s motion. If cleaning doesn’t resolve the issue, consider replacing the trigger or spring. Regular dry-fire practice can help identify potential problems early on.

Problem #9. Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA) Problem

The recoil spring assembly (RSA) in the Sig P365 has been reported to cause issues in certain cases.

The RSA is crucial for the reliable operation of semi-auto firearms, as it absorbs recoil and returns the slide to the battery after each shot. Problems with the RSA can lead to failures to feed, eject, or go into the battery.


  • If you suspect an RSA issue, start by cleaning and inspecting the entire RSA for dirt and debris. Replace any worn components as needed. If the problem persists, consult a local gunsmith for more advanced inspection and troubleshooting.

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User Reviews for SIG Sauer P365 Pistol

User Reviews for SIG Sauer P365 Pistol

Most users are happy with their beloved SIG P365 pistol. Even the ones manufactured before June 2018 have proven to be reliable for many customers. The number of problematic firearms is relatively low.

However, it’s important to be cautious of information on YouTube. Many gun channels on the platform tend to form an echo chamber and favor one brand, often criticizing SIG’s innovation with repeated misinformation.

YouTube is not the best place to learn about the P365 or most firearms in general. The early issues with the P365 were mainly due to bad parts batches from vendors. The trigger springs had poorly fashioned mounting legs that easily disengaged, and the strikers were not heat-treated correctly, leading to rapid snapping.

Thankfully, these problems were quickly identified, and new parts were manufactured to correct them. Recent data shows that issues with the P365 are not widespread and are comparable to those found in other handguns.

If you’ve been considering getting a P365, now might be a great time to do so. They are becoming easier to find, and the cost is finally going down a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions About SIG Sauer P365

Which is better for concealed carry, the P365 or P365XL?

If you want to easily conceal your firearm, the regular P365 is the better choice. The P365XL is slightly bigger, so it might not conceal as well. If you plan to carry a 12-round magazine, the regular P365 is more suitable.

Is it better to get the P365 with or without manual safety?

The decision to choose the P365 with or without manual safety depends on what you prefer and how you prioritize safety.

If you’re worried about accidentally pulling the trigger, manual safety can add extra protection by preventing unintended discharges. However, some people might feel it’s not necessary if they follow proper firearm safety practices.

Can SIG P365 with a Wilson frame fit in a P365 Kydex holster?

Yes, you can use a P365 with a Wilson frame in a P365X Kydex holster. The Wilson frame is designed to be compatible with all holsters made for the P365X, ensuring a perfect fit.

Is it safe to dry-fire P365?

Yes, it’s generally safe to dry-fire P365. However, to be cautious and protect the firing pin and other components, it’s recommended to use a snap cap or a similar tool during dry-fire training.

While not strictly necessary for every firearm, dry-fire training is essential for improving your shooting skills and becoming familiar with the gun’s operation.

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