10 Common SIG SP2022 Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

SIG SP2022 Problems: The SIG SP2022 is a big polymer handgun inspired by the classic SIG lineup. It’s got a particular kind of trigger, known as DA/SA, which you can also find in other SIG Sauer Classic Line guns.

The frame of the SP2022 is made from a tough, lightweight plastic material that doesn’t wear out easily. There’s also a handy accessory rail called the M1913 integrated into it.

These SP2022 guns have gained a really good reputation for working well and not failing in the hands of military and police officers from all over the world. In fact, it was the first plastic handgun that was tough enough to carry the SIG name. And over time, it’s only improved.

However, despite the impressive performance and well-established design due to being a SIG Sauer firearm, there are certain things potential users should be mindful of.

This article will take an in-depth look into various potential issues that users might encounter when using the SIG SP2022. We won’t just highlight these problems; we’ll also present solutions for each of them.

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the pistol’s real-world performance, we’ll incorporate authentic reviews from actual users. So, Make sure to read them before making any decision.

Features & Specifications of SIG SP2022

Place of originSchleswig-Holstein, Germany
ManufacturerSIG Sauer GmbH & Co. KG
Caliber9×19 mm, .357 SIG, or .40 S&W
Mags Included(2) 10rd Steel Mag
SightsSIGLITE Night Sights
State CompliantCA
Threaded BarrelNo
Pistol SizeCarry
Overall Length7.4 in (188 mm)
Overall Width1.4 in (36 mm)
Height5.7 in (145 mm)
Barrel Length3.9 in (99 mm)
Weight29 oz (822 g)
Sight Radius5.9 in (150 mm)
Accessory RailM1913
Trigger ActionDA/SA
Trigger TypeStandard Curved
Grip TypePolymer
Grip Color
Barrel MaterialCarbon Steel
Frame FinishN/A
Frame MaterialPolymer
FCU Material
Slide FinishNitron
Slide MaterialStainless Steel
Optic ReadyNo

Common SIG SP2022 Problems with Solutions

The SIG SP2022 is a 9mm handgun made by SIG with 15-round magazines. It was SIG’s first venture into making guns with polymer materials, which was a big deal at the time. Even though they didn’t get a lot of attention, they have a dedicated group of fans.

Most of these guns were sold to various countries through contracts, so they didn’t get much attention from regular folks. This answers the question of what role the SP2022 played in the SIG lineup.

However, like any firearm, they’re not without their issues. The most common problems you might run into with the SIG SP2022 include:

  1. Failure to Eject/Feed: Sometimes, the gun might have trouble ejecting spent cartridges or feeding new ones.
  2. Magazine Issues: Problems with the magazines can lead to feeding and cycling issues.
  3. Not Ammo Friendly: It can be a bit picky about the type of ammo it likes to eat.
  4. Hammer Issues: The hammer mechanism might give you trouble.
  5. Slide Occasionally Locks in .40 Caliber: If you have the .40 caliber version, you might face issues with the slide locking when it’s not supposed to.
  6. Accuracy Issues: Some users have reported accuracy problems with this gun.
  7. Difficulty With Trigger Pull: Pulling the trigger might not be as smooth as you’d like.
  8. Trigger Issues: Issues with the trigger mechanism itself can be a headache.
  9. Jamming Issues: The gun might jam up, causing interruptions in firing.
  10. Recoil Issues: Recoil management could be a challenge for some users.

Now that you’re aware of these common problems that users encounter with the SIG SP2022 handgun, let’s take a closer look at each of these issues and explore potential solutions in more detail.

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Problem #1: Failure to Eject/Feed

After the first shot, the second shot often fails to eject, especially with specific ammo like Federal Champion 115 gr FMJ, causing FTE or FTF issues. This can be frustrating and costly to troubleshoot.


  • Attempt to rack the slide to resolve the issue. Sometimes, the problem may persist initially but can improve after shooting a few rounds.
  • Consider using different ammo, such as Winchester Ranger 124-grain, as it may work more reliably.
  • If FTE and FTF issues occur mainly within the final few rounds, it could be a magazine problem. Contact SIG immediately to have the gun fixed.
  • Polishing the disconnector or lubricating the gun with Hoppe’s 9 lubricant may help. A gunsmith can assist with this.

Problem #2: Magazine Issues

The SIG Sauer SP2022, while known for reliability and ease of use, can experience magazine problems, leading to misfeeds, jams, and stovepipes.


  • Carefully inspect the magazines for dirt buildup or damage and clean them using suitable cleaning solutions and brushes designed for firearms.
  • Avoid corrosive cleaning agents that could harm the magazine springs or followers.
  • Test the cleaned magazines to ensure proper feeding into the chamber.
  • If problems persist, consider replacing the magazines with new ones, as they are widely available.
  • If issues persist despite new magazines, inspect other gun components like the trigger assembly or firing pin assembly.

Problem #3: Not Ammo Friendly

The SIG SP2022 may not perform well with certain weaker ammo types, such as HPR JHP 9mm 124 jacketed hollow point rounds. It may also have limited ammo capacity.


  • Research the specific ammo online to check if it’s known for being loaded weakly. Alternatively, experiment by cycling the recoil spring more when using this ammo.
  • If other types of ammo (including FMJ and JHP) work well with your firearm, consider avoiding the problematic ammo and opting for more reliable choices, like Winchester 124gr ammo.

Problem #4: Hammer Issues

The hammer may exhibit some play or wobble when the firearm is decocked, causing concern for some users.


  • For safety, the SP2022’s rebounding hammer typically sits at a safe distance from the firing pin when decocked. Ensure the firearm is unloaded, then slowly advance the hammer with your other hand while pulling the trigger to observe the hammer’s movement.

Problem #5: Slide Occasionally Locks in .40 Caliber

The slide occasionally locks open when more rounds are in the magazine, leading to casing ejection and FTF issues, particularly in .375 caliber firearms.


  • Remove the slide to inspect the Slide Catch Lever tab’s proximity to the projectiles. Ensure there’s a slight clearance (about 0.020 inches) from the side of the cartridge, as rounds in the magazine can shift slightly.
  • Check for a broken rail and, if found, contact SIG for a replacement part.

Problem #6: Accuracy Issues

Accuracy issues with the Sig Sauer SP2022 can stem from failure to lock (slide not returning to its forward position after firing), magazine malfunctioning (misfeeds and jams), and recoil management problems.


  • For failure to lock, seek professional service to diagnose and repair the issue.
  • For magazine malfunctioning, thoroughly inspect and clean magazines. Consider replacement if issues persist.
  • To improve recoil management and accuracy, consider enrolling in precision shooting courses tailored to this firearm type. Proper technique and recoil management can greatly enhance accuracy.

Problem #7: Difficulty With Trigger Pull

Trigger pull difficulties may arise from issues with the gun’s trigger spring, impacting the trigger’s functioning.


  • Lubricate the trigger spring with high-quality gun oil or lubricant to reduce friction.
  • Replace the spring if necessary, which can be done by purchasing replacement springs online or at gun stores.
  • Adjust the spring tension carefully with pliers to enhance the trigger pull, if you are comfortable with DIY repairs.

Problem #8: Trigger Issues

Trigger reset issues occur occasionally, requiring manual forward pushing of the trigger to reset.


  • This may be caused by manufacturing burrs or debris. Try cleaning with an air compressor or gun scrubber.
  • Ensure the trigger return spring is in proper condition (tangs seated, not broken) as you pull the trigger.
  • If issues persist, contact SIG for professional assistance.

Problem #9: Jamming Issues

Possible causes of jamming include a dirty gun, weak or worn springs, improper feeding, or using incorrect ammunition.


  • Regular cleaning helps prevent dirt and debris buildup.
  • Replace weakened or worn parts as per manufacturer guidelines.
  • Use approved ammunition to avoid unnecessary stress on components.
  • Keep magazines clean and undamaged if used for feeding rounds.

Problem #10: Recoil Issues

Recoil in the SIG Sauer SP2022 is primarily caused by the slide moving backward upon firing, pushing against the shooter’s hand.


  • Practice proper grip technique, using a high thumb forward hold for maximum control.
  • Consider using lightweight or reduced-power ammunition to reduce felt recoil.
  • Explore aftermarket parts such as heavier buffers or slides to manage recoil more effectively and enhance accuracy.

User Reviews for SIG SP2022

The SIG SP2022 is a fantastic choice for beginners, offering a lot of value for your money. It’s a great firearm that won’t break the bank. However, depending on the specific model you own, finding grip components can sometimes be a bit challenging.

When it comes to magazines – they are widely available, and the prices are reasonable. One standout feature of the SP2022 is its trigger. It’s smoother and generally better than what you’d find in the typical P-series SIG handguns. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how smooth the trigger pull is.

The pistol itself is designed with a polymer frame, much like the 226 or 229 slides. What’s interesting is that it has an extra grip component that seems to be a unique solution to certain issues.

Many users have praised the SP2022 for its excellent accuracy and consistency when firing. Bruce Gray, a SIG SP2022 user, who used it as his everyday carry for years, frequently expressed his appreciation for it.

It’s worth noting that the French National Police also use the SP2022 as their standard sidearm. This speaks to the gun’s excellence – it has a superb trigger, remarkable accuracy, is easy to shoot, and is known for its reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SIG SP2022

Where is the serial number on a SIG SP2022?

SIG SP2022 serial number can be found by looking on the right side of the pistol grip or on the picatinny rail.

What kind of ammo for SIG sauer 9mm SP2022?

9×19 mm, . 357 SIG or . 40 S&W

Which glock is most similar to SIG Sauer SP2022?

Glock G19 is most similar to SIG Sauer SP2022.

What is the difference SIG E2022 and SP2022?

The SIG E2022 has grips resembling E2 grips, an internal lanyard loop, and includes two magazines. The SP2022 lacks these feature

Who uses the SIG Sauer SP2022?

French and United States Police Agencies uses the SIG Sauer SP2022.

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