6 Common Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Problems: Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm is a reliable choice for safeguarding your home and personal security. This firearm is the latest addition to the esteemed M&P M2.0™ family. It boasts an 8-round magazine capacity, with the convenience of carrying an extra magazine at your disposal. Featuring a 3.675-inch long barrel, this pistol offers versatility by accommodating various accessories through its Picatinny-style rail.

Loading the magazine is a breeze thanks to a specially designed tab for your ease. The ergonomic grip, set at an 18-degree angle, enhances your aiming precision.

Aiding your accuracy, the pistol is equipped with white dot sights, including an adjustable white dot on the rear sight. The trigger’s light and smooth operation add to its appeal.

Additional safety features include grip safety and a visual indicator for chambered rounds, alongside the advantage of disassembling the pistol without the need to pull the trigger.

The textured grip not only provides a secure hold during firing but also assists in managing recoil. Moreover, the integrated rail allows for the attachment of accessories like flashlights or lasers.

Customization is at your fingertips with the ability to change the magazine release button’s placement. The pistol’s robust finish ensures resistance to corrosion. Whether it’s for bedside security, concealed carry, or range use, the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm offers versatility in size and application.

However, it’s essential to be aware that, being a Smith and Wesson firearm, there are specific considerations to keep in mind if you plan to use it.

In this article, we’ll delve into the potential problems you may encounter while using the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol. We won’t merely highlight these issues but also provide practical solutions for each one. Additionally, we’ll share insights from actual users, offering valuable real-world performance feedback. 

Specifications & Features of Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm

Specification Details
Type Handgun
Place of origin Massachusetts, United States
Manufacturer Smith & Wesson
Designed 2019
Produced 2020
Width 1.04 in
Length 6.8 in
Height 5.05 in
Weight 23.68 oz
Caliber 9MM
Size Micro-Compact
Capacity 8
Action Internal Hammer Fired
Barrel Length 3.68 in
Grip Polymer
Sights White Dot
Optic Ready No
Safety Grip
Color/Finish Black
State Compliance CO, CT, DE, HI, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, OR, RI, VT, WA
Threaded Barrel No
Barrel Material Stainless Steel
Frame Polymer
Laser No
Performance Center No
Number of Magazines 2
10lb Trigger No
Rebate 3 Free Magazines with Purchase

Common Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Problems with Solutions

Common Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm Problems with Solutions

The Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm is a handgun designed to be easy and convenient for users. The company put a lot of effort into making the parts of the gun, like the slide and magazine, simple to use.

This means it’s not hard to pull back the slide or load bullets into the magazine. They also focused on making sure the gun was safe to handle.

Now, let’s talk about the common issues people might run into when using the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm:

  1. Feeding Failure: Sometimes, the gun might have trouble getting the bullets from the magazine into the firing chamber.
  2. Faulty Rear Sight: The rear sight is the part of the gun that helps you aim. If it’s not working properly, it can be tough to aim accurately.
  3. Faulty Grip Safety: The grip safety is a safety feature that ensures the gun can only be fired when held properly. If it’s not working right, the gun might not fire when you want it to.
  4. Tight Slide: People might find it difficult to move the slide back and forth, which is necessary for loading bullets and preparing the gun to fire.
  5. Hard to Move the Magazine: Loading bullets into the magazine might be hard because the magazine isn’t easy to move in and out of the gun.
  6. Jammed Trigger: The trigger is what you pull to fire the gun. If it gets stuck or jammed, you won’t be able to shoot.

Now that you know the common problems that can happen with the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm, let’s take a closer look at each of these issues and explore some potential ways to solve them.

Problem #1: Feeding Failure

Some people have raised concerns about the pistol’s feeding problems. During firing, the cartridge can sometimes get stuck about halfway through the magazine.

This might be because of the rough ramp inside the gun. Also, if the bullets are not sturdy enough, they might not move properly, causing what’s known as “short-stroking.”

The feed lips, which help guide the bullets into the chamber, could also be causing this issue. If the gun hasn’t been cleaned regularly, this problem could show up.


Start by giving the pistol a thorough cleaning. Pay special attention to cleaning the ramp inside the gun.

A good cleaning might reduce the issue, and the bullets could work more smoothly after this.

Make sure the feed lips are cleaned properly. You can also try different types of ammunition to see which ones work best with the gun.

Problem #2: Faulty Rear Sight

Adjusting the pistol’s rear sight can be quite tricky. The rear sight often doesn’t stay in the center, which is a built-in problem.

Just using your hand might not be enough to adjust it. Even the wrench provided might not work properly at times.


If you have a tool called a bit driver with the right hex bit, you can press the driver’s handle while gently tapping it with a small hammer.

If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, it’s better to seek help from a professional or a local gunsmith.

Problem #3: Faulty Grip Safety

The grip safety on the gun’s beaver tail has a pointy part on top that can make using the gun uncomfortable.

This can be challenging for beginners to handle because it forces them to grip the gun harder to make it fire.


You can try changing the way you hold the gun or adding a rubber grip to make it more comfortable.

Practicing shooting and getting used to the grip can also help lessen this issue.

You can try pushing a bit with your shooting hand while pulling a little with your support hand to help with this.

Problem #4: Tight Slide

The slide release lever on the gun is very hard to operate. It takes a lot of force to make the gun shoot. The tight slide makes it difficult to aim accurately, causing most shots to miss.

The problem might be related to the grip safety not working properly. If the grip safety isn’t functioning correctly, the slide could get stuck.


Try releasing your hand from the grip safely before taking the gun apart. Carefully follow the instructions and understand how the grip safety works.

According to the manual, use the slide stop as a slide release. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to the company for assistance.

Problem #5: Difficult Magazine Movement

The magazine of the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol is a common problem area.

After firing a few rounds, it becomes hard to put the magazine back or to load the bullets into the magazine.

This issue might be caused by the recoil spring, which is quite strong in this type of pistol.


Giving the magazine a firm tap might temporarily fix the issue, but this isn’t a permanent solution.

While waiting to go back to the shooting range, keep the magazine loaded. This might help ease the problem gradually.

Alternatively, you can use a magazine loader like the Uplula, which is popular among users and professionals, to make loading easier.

Problem #6: Jammed Trigger

Some customers have reported that the trigger gets stuck or jams after firing a few rounds. The trigger might get stuck halfway back or might stop working altogether.

Using the wrong type of bullet or faulty ammunition could be causing this. Irregular cleaning could also contribute to this issue.


Regularly clean the gun before shooting. Also, try different types of ammunition to find ones that feed smoothly into the gun.

If the problem persists, consider contacting the company for further assistance or to potentially return the gun.

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User Reviews for Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm

User Reviews for Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm

The Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm handgun is created with shooters, in mind for individuals seeking a firearm, for concealed carry or home defense. This particular pistol is renowned for its size and ergonomic grip.

For a detailed review of the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm, you can visit the Gun University website.

If you head to the Smith and Wesson Forum, you’ll find that a good number of happy customers own and discuss this pistol.

Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm has also faced its share of criticism. If you visit the Smith and Wesson Forum you’ll come across remarks and discussions regarding this pistol.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm

How much force is needed to pull the trigger on the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol?

The trigger requires about 4.5 pounds of force to pull.

What angle does the grip of the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol have?

The grip angle is set at 18 degrees, which feels natural when you aim.

What weight of bullets works best with the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol?

Bullets weighing between 115 to 147 grains, whether they’re Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) or Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) types, work well with this pistol.

How much money does the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol cost?

Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol costs $399.

What materials are used to make the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm slide, and what kind of finish does it have?

The pistol’s slide is built from stainless steel and coated with an Armornite finish.

Can you do dry firing with the Smith and Wesson EZ 9mm pistol, and is it recommended?

Dry firing (pretending to shoot without bullets) is possible with this pistol, but it’s better to do it occasionally rather than frequently.

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