6 Common Stoeger STR-9 Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Stoeger STR-9 Problems: Stoeger, known for making tough and reliable shotguns, has ventured into the world of semiautomatic pistols with their latest offering, the STR-9. This 9mm pistol is a striker-fired marvel that boasts a wide range of features typically found in much more expensive firearms.

It comes equipped with an integrated rail, an internal safety mechanism, a reversible magazine release, carefully designed slide serrations, a three-dot sight system, and enhanced ergonomics for a comfortable and consistent shooting experience.

Nevertheless, even though the Stoeger STR-9 boasts impressive performance and benefits from the trusted design expertise of Stoeger Industries, there are some important considerations for prospective users.

This article will thoroughly examine several potential challenges that users may face when using the Stoeger STR-9. Our aim is not just to identify these issues but also to offer practical solutions for each one.

To give you a complete grasp of the pistol’s real-world performance, we will include genuine reviews from individuals who have used it. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to carefully review these user experiences before making any decisions. This way, you can make an informed choice about whether the Stoeger STR-9 is the right firearm for you.

Specifications & Features of CZ P07

Place of OriginMaryland, United States
ManufacturerStoeger Industries
SafetyNo external safety
Frame FinishBlack Synthetic
Slide FinishNitride-hardened Matte Black
Frame SizeFull
Hand DominanceRight Handed
Magazine Capacity17+1
Magazines Included1
SightQuick read, 3-dot
Overall Length7.95″
Weight (Unloaded)26.4 ounces

Common Stoeger STR-9 Problems with Solutions

The Stoeger STR-9 is a pistol that you can rely on. Even though Stoeger is known for shotguns, STR-9 pistol has some features that might even outshine those of well-known brands.

However, like any other firearm, the Stoeger STR-9 has its share of common problems, like:

  1. Failure To Feed: Sometimes, this pistol may have trouble loading a new bullet into the chamber. This is not what you want in a self-defense situation or at the shooting range.
  2. Magazine Fails to Drop Freely: You might find that the magazine doesn’t smoothly drop out of the pistol when you want to reload. It can be frustrating and slow you down.
  3. Jamming Issues: The gun may experience jams where it doesn’t cycle properly between shots. This can be both annoying and potentially dangerous.
  4. Carbon Residue Inside The Barrel: After you’ve fired some rounds, you might notice carbon residue building up inside the barrel. This can affect accuracy and the overall performance of the pistol.
  5. Cheap Trigger, Prone to Breaking: The trigger on the Stoeger STR-9 may not be the most durable. It can break more easily than you’d like, leading to an unreliable firearm.
  6. Misfiring: Perhaps the most concerning issue is misfiring. This means that when you pull the trigger, the gun doesn’t fire as it should. In a life-or-death situation, this can be extremely dangerous.

Now that you’re aware of these common problems, let’s explore potential solutions so you can use your Stoeger STR-9 to the fullest.

Issue #1: Failure to Feed

When your Stoeger STR-9 doesn’t load bullets properly, it can be really frustrating. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to figure out and fix the problem.


  1. Check if you’re using the right magazine for your gun. Make sure it’s clean and not filled with dirt or junk that could mess up the bullet feeding.
  2. See if the bullets inside the magazine are loaded correctly and facing the right way.
  3. Look at the area where the bullets come out of the magazine and enter the gun. If it’s worn or damaged, that could be the issue. If it is, you might need to replace that part or even the whole barrel.
  4. Don’t forget to inspect the recoil springs. If they’re worn out, replace them to keep your gun working well.

Issue #2: Magazine Doesn’t Drop Easily

Some users have noticed that the inside of the gun can mess up the magazine, making it hard to drop.


  1. Before trying anything complicated, try adding a bit of tool oil to the magazine. This might help it drop more smoothly.
  2. Put a thin layer of Kobalt air tool oil or frog lube on the magazine, and wipe off any extra. Clean the inside of the grip as well.
  3. If you want a more permanent fix, send your gun to Stoeger for repairs. They can replace some parts and make it work better.
  4. To avoid this problem in the future, consider getting three magazines when you buy the gun for around $350.

Issue #3: Jamming Problems

If your gun is getting stuck, it might be because of a faulty magazine spring or a more significant mechanical issue.


  1. Start by cleaning the magazine spring. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to fix a jam.
  2. If it’s still jamming, try replacing the spring entirely. That should clear up most jamming issues.
  3. If none of this works, it’s time to contact Stoeger for help. They might need to fix or replace your gun if it’s a big problem.

Issue #4: Carbon Buildup in the Barrel

Every gun collects carbon inside the barrel over time, which can cause problems.


  1. Take your gun apart, like you would with a Glock. Remove the recoil spring and look inside the barrel. You’ll probably see carbon buildup.
  2. Use a clean cloth with some rem oil to wipe down the feed ramp. If it’s still dirty, spray some rem oil directly on it and scrub with a brush.
  3. To clean the inside of the barrel, spray rem oil in there and use a cleaning rod to remove the residue. You can watch this video online for a better demonstration if you need help.

Issue #5: Poor Trigger Quality

The Stoeger STR-9 is a great gun, but some users don’t like the trigger. It’s heavy, gritty, and feels cheap.


  1. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about a bad trigger except send it back to Stoeger for inspection. If it’s broken, they’ll replace it and clean your gun.
  2. To check if your trigger is going bad, release the magazine and try pulling the trigger. If it fires without the magazine, it needs fixing.

Issue #6: Misfiring

Misfiring happens when your gun doesn’t shoot the bullet properly, and there are a few reasons for it.


  1. First, clean your gun thoroughly to remove any debris that might be blocking the firing pin.
  2. Check your ammunition to make sure it’s not old or damaged.
  3. If the problem continues, consider replacing the springs in your gun to ensure the firing pin hits the bullet properly.
  4. If all else fails, get a professional gunsmith to inspect your firearm for assembly or disassembly issues.

User Reviews for Stoeger STR-9

People who have used the Stoeger STR-9 have generally had a good experience with it. However, there is one notable concern that some users have raised, and that’s about the trigger.

Several users have expressed dissatisfaction with the trigger mechanism, describing it as cheap and prone to breaking or jamming. They also find the design of the trigger to be somewhat unusual and not very well thought out.

The good news is that if you encounter issues with the trigger, you have an option for resolution. You can send your firearm back to Stoeger, and they will take care of it through a process called RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

Despite the trigger concerns, users seem to be quite content with other aspects of the Stoeger STR-9. Let’s dive into some of the positive feedback:

  1. Handling and Comfort: Users generally find the pistol easy to handle. It’s comfortable to hold and use, which is essential for a firearm.
  2. Accuracy: Many users have praised the accuracy of the STR-9. This means it’s likely to hit the target where you aim, which is crucial for both sports shooting and self-defense.
  3. Reliability: Another highlight is the pistol’s reliability. Users feel confident that it will perform consistently and without hiccups when needed.
  4. Build Quality: Despite the trigger issues, the overall build quality is highly regarded. It gives off a premium feel, suggesting that it’s a well-made firearm.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Stoeger STR-9

What magazines will fit in a Stoeger STR-9?

The Maglula Uplula 9mm magazine loader is an excellent choice for Stoeger STR-9. It works seamlessly with all 9mm magazines, making the loading process much easier, especially for newer magazines and the final rounds.

What holsters fit Stoeger STR-9?

If you’re searching for holsters for your Stoeger STR-9, consider options like the Canted Tuckable Leather IWB Holster, Tuckable Leather Concealed Carry Holster, and the 3rd Generation Belly Band Gun Holster. These holsters are well-suited for the Stoeger STR-9.

Where is the Stoeger STR-9 made?

The Stoeger STR-9 pistols are manufactured in Turkey and imported by Stoeger.

Who makes Stoeger STR-9?

The Stoeger STR-9 is made by Benelli USA. Stoeger is a company that is wholly owned by Benelli USA. Benelli USA, in turn, is owned by the Italian firearms conglomerate Beretta Holding S.A.

How much does Stoeger STR-9 cost?

The Stoeger STR-9 is available in two variants. The version with one magazine typically costs around $280, while the option that includes three magazines costs around $350.

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