8 Common Taurus 856 Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Taurus 856 Problems: The Taurus 856 revolver is built with your safety in mind, ideal for everyday self-defense. It’s meticulously crafted to instill the utmost confidence in situations where personal protection is paramount.

This versatile handgun comes in 17 different models, all capable of holding 6 rounds of .38 caliber ammunition. Additionally, it offers an optional laser sight for improved accuracy. You can choose between two stylish finishes: a gleaming stainless steel or a sleek black look.

However, despite its popularity, the Taurus 856 has encountered its fair share of problems since its introduction in 2019. These concerns have raised questions and apprehension among new users.

This article delves into the common problems that the Taurus 856 has confronted and provides practical solutions for each. Whether you’re a current owner or considering acquiring this firearm, continue reading to get insights into common problems and how to solve them.

Specifications & Features of Taurus 856

Cartridge38 Special + P
Length6.55/7.50 Inches
Capacity6 Rounds
Weight (Unloaded)22/22.60/24 Ounces or 624/640/680 Grams
SafetyTransfer Bar
Barrel Length2.00/3.00 Inches
SightsFront – Serrated Blade Rear – Fixed Optional – Laser
Height4.8 Inches
Width1.41 Inches
Place of originUnited States

Common Taurus 856 Problems with Solutions

Common Taurus 856 Problems with Solutions

The Taurus 856 revolver is well-liked by people who are fans of guns. It’s small and works reliably, which means it’s a good choice if you want to hide it and use it to protect yourself.

However, when it was first introduced in 2019, it had some issues that needed to be fixed.

Here are some of the common problems people face with the Taurus 856:

  1. Cocked Front Sight
  2. Jammed Cylinder Stop
  3. Poor Durability
  4. Cylinder Ceasing
  5. Light Primer Strikes
  6. Thumb Press Jammed
  7. Barrel Doesn’t Reach The Magazine Well
  8. Hard-to-Control Trigger

Problem #1. Cocked Front Sight

The front sight of the Taurus 856 revolver can become misaligned due to incorrect barrel installation.


  • If you notice a slight misalignment of the sights, contact the manufacturer for repair. Send the gun to them, and they will fix the issue by adjusting the front sight.

Problem #2. Jammed Cylinder Stop

The cylinder stop of the Taurus 856 can get jammed, causing erratic spinning, particularly in single-action mode.


  • To address this, remove the cylinder assembly and locate the cylinder stop beneath the frame hole. Gently press down on the cylinder stop to release it, ensuring the spring and plunger are properly aligned. Lubricate the cylinder stop and consider replacing the spring and plunger if needed.

Problem #3. Poor Durability

The Taurus 856’s matte black version is less durable due to its carbon steel construction, especially in the barrel and cylinder.


  • Opt for the matte stainless version with stainless steel construction, including the frame, cylinder, and barrel. Although it may collect dust, this design is more reliable, easy to maintain, and polished.

Problem #4. Cylinder Ceasing

The cylinder of the Taurus 856 revolver may occasionally jam, particularly after single-action hammer pulls or firing, due to dirt accumulation.


  • Replace the cylinder lock spring to solve the issue. Additionally, clean out any dirt inside the revolver and lubricate the cylinder for smoother operation.

Problem #5. Light Primer Strikes

Light primer strikes can occur, preventing cartridges from firing properly and causing only a clicking sound when the trigger is pulled.


  • The main cause is often a defective hammer spring, hammer strut, or hammer spring plate. To fix this mechanical issue, send the pistol to the manufacturer for replacement of the faulty parts.

Problem #6. Thumb Press Jammed

The thumb press of the Taurus 856 may become trapped, preventing the release of the cylinder. Potential causes include primer issues and debris accumulation.


  • Examine the cylinder’s side and release the cylinder while maintaining a straight barrel. Clean the cylinder stop plunger and the ejector star to resolve the problem.

Problem #7. Barrel Doesn’t Reach The Magazine Well

Some Taurus 856 users face issues where the barrel doesn’t align properly with the magazine well, stemming from barrel or receiver damage, misalignment, or magazine release problems.


  • First, inspect the barrel and receiver for damage or wear. If needed, replace damaged parts or seek professional repair. Ensure proper installation to correct barrel misalignment. Adjust or replace the magazine release if it’s causing the issue.

Problem #8. Hard-to-Control Trigger

The trigger of the Taurus 856 can become difficult to control due to factors such as trigger spring tension, lack of lubrication, or damaged components.


  • Adjust or replace the trigger spring if it’s too tight. Regularly clean and lubricate the trigger mechanism to prevent stiffness. Inspect for damage or wear, and consult a gunsmith if needed. Proper maintenance will help maintain smooth trigger control.

By addressing each of these problems and their respective solutions, you can enhance the performance and reliability of your Taurus 856 revolver.

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User Reviews for The Taurus 856 Pistol

User Reviews for The Taurus 856 Pistol

Most people generally view the Taurus 856 as a reliable type of gun. Yet, a few have encountered negative situations involving firearms. The main concerns seem to revolve around issues related to the gun’s cylinder and problems with the primer strike, which is the impact needed to ignite the bullet.

A person who participates in discussions on the Taurus Armed forum shared a common issue they’ve faced with this gun. They’ve mentioned that the revolving part of the gun called the cylinder, has frequently become stuck or unmovable.

Over on The High Road forum, another user has detailed their encounter with the Taurus 856. Right from the start, they noticed that the trigger of the gun was notably difficult to pull, which caused them significant difficulties and inconvenience.

Visiting the SIG Forum, you’ll come across a mix of opinions regarding the Taurus 856. While some individuals have praised its performance, others have mentioned certain problems they’ve encountered, including issues with the gun itself and difficulties with the customer service provided by Taurus.

To tackle these potential problems, many people on various forums and blogs recommend giving the gun proper attention and care. This involves regularly cleaning and lubricating the firearm. By taking these steps, you can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing the mentioned issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About SIG Sauer P365

What is the maximum pressure that the Taurus 856 can handle?

The standard Taurus 856 revolver can handle a maximum pressure of 17,500 pounds per square inch (psi).

What type of frame is the Taurus 856 considered to be? Is it a J frame or a K frame?

The Taurus 856 revolver is similar in shooting characteristics to a five-shot J frame, despite holding six cartridges. This is beneficial for users.

The frame of the Taurus 856 is made of steel, giving it a sturdy construction. In contrast, the Taurus 857 has an aluminum frame.

What is the composition of the Taurus 856?

The Taurus 856 revolver comes in different variations. The version I received is crafted from carbon steel, which is then given a matte black finish.

Another model is available in stainless steel, providing a polished appearance. Additionally, there are two UltraLight (UL) versions available: one with a black finish and another with a polished aluminum/stainless finish.

What type of ammunition can I use in a Taurus Model 856?

The Taurus Defender 856 is designed in the style of a J-frame revolver. This means that it has a compact frame and a cylinder capable of holding five rounds of .38 Special ammunition.

What is the difference between the Taurus Model 85 and Model 856?

The distinction between the Taurus Model 85 and Model 856 lies in the model number. The “856” signifies that the 856 models are all equipped with six-shot cylinders, while the Model 85 is designed as a five-shot revolver.

Taurus has impressively diversified its offerings with appealing variations, including the UltraLite version with a 2-inch barrel and the newer Defender version with a 3-inch barrel.

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