9 Common Taurus TX22 Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Taurus TX22 Problems: The Taurus TX22 stands as the most advanced 22LR rimfire pistol currently on the market. It’s been carefully crafted to provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability. When you hold and fire this rimfire polymer sporting pistol, it mirrors the experience of using a customized competition model. Remarkably, no extra expenses for upgrades or modifications are required.

Nonetheless, it’s important to bear in mind that despite its impressive performance and the well-established reputation of Taurus firearms, there are some points potential users should consider.

This article will thoroughly explore various common problems that users may face when using the Taurus TX22. Our goal isn’t just to point out these challenges; we’ll also provide practical solutions for each one.

In order to offer you a complete grasp of the pistol’s real-world performance, we’ll include genuine reviews from users who have used it. Thus, it’s highly recommended to review these before making any decisions.

Specifications & Features of Taurus TX22

Place of originBainbridge, Georgia, and Miami, Florida
ManufacturerTaurus Armas S.A.
Length7.06/8.15 Inches
Barrel Length5.25/4.1 Inches
Width1.25 Inches
Height5.4 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)17.3/23.0 Ounces or 490/652 Grams
Cartridge22 LR
Capacity10/16 Rounds
SafetyManual Safety, Striker Block, Trigger Safety
SightsFront – Fixed (White Dot) Rear – Adjustable (White Dot)

Common Taurus TX22 Problems with Solutions

The Taurus TX22 is the most advanced 22LR rimfire pistol on the market. It has a special part that can be used to attach a silencer to make the gun quieter. This gun is designed with safety features like a manual safety, a trigger safety, and a striker block safety to make it safer to use.

However, there are some problems that people often experience with this gun. Here are the most common issues:

  1. Inconsistent Feed: Sometimes, the bullets don’t go into the gun properly, causing problems when you try to shoot.
  2. Bullet Keyholes at Short Range: Occasionally, the bullets don’t fly straight and may make holes that look like keys when you shoot at close targets.
  3. Non-Centered Barrel: The part of the gun where the bullet comes out may not be perfectly centered, which can affect accuracy.
  4. Magazine Loader Issue: Loading bullets into the magazine can be difficult or problematic.
  5. Failure to go into Battery: Sometimes, the gun doesn’t fully close and lock into position after loading a bullet, which can prevent it from firing.
  6. Failure to Eject: After firing a bullet, the empty shell casing may not be properly ejected from the gun.
  7. Cracked Slide: The outer part of the gun, called the slide, can develop cracks over time.
  8. Lead Deposit Inside the Barrel: Residue from the bullets can build up inside the barrel and affect the gun’s performance.
  9. Faulty Extractor: The part of the gun responsible for removing spent shell casings might not work correctly.

Now that you know about these common problems with the Taurus TX22 pistol, let’s take a closer look at each issue and explore possible solutions to address them:

Problem #1: Inconsistent Feed

This problem occurs when the gun’s slide gets stuck after firing. Sometimes, bullets may get stuck on the side of the magazine, causing the trigger to pull with no effect.


If you encounter this issue, try switching to a different magazine temporarily. Cleaning the magazine can often solve the problem.

  1. Disassemble the magazine using a screwdriver.
  2. Clean all the parts inside the magazine with a magazine brush and fabric (see Figure 2).
  3. Reassemble the magazine, putting everything back in the correct order.

This simple cleaning process should restore the gun’s proper function. You can watch this video for a visual guide if needed.

Problem #2: Bullet Keyholes at Short Range

Some users noticed keyhole-shaped holes in their targets at close ranges when using their Taurus TX22 pistols. This occurs because the bullets are tumbling instead of flying straight.


  • At long distances, bullets tend to tumble.
  • At close ranges, something may be causing bullet destabilization.
  • Users found that the rifling in the barrel, which stabilizes the bullet, was not concentric, meaning it wasn’t parallel with the barrel, causing tumbling.


If you discover that your barrel is inherently flawed, likely due to manufacturing issues:

  • You must send the gun back to the factory for a replacement, which may take some time and may involve shipping and transfer fees.
  • For secondhand buyers, this could mean your TX22 is only effective at extremely short ranges and may be unsafe to use, making buying a used one a risky choice.

Problem #3: Non-Centered Barrel

The barrel’s hole exhibits a degree of non-concentricity, where one side of the rifling appears wider than the other, leading to irregular concentricity.


  • Manufacturing flaws may result in non-centered barrels.
  • Thread adapters could also contribute to poor performance.


To fix this issue:

  • You need to replace the faulty barrel since a non-centered barrel cannot be fixed.
  • Contact the company for a replacement.
  • Be cautious when installing the replacement barrel, as some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the replacement barrels they received.

Problem #4: Magazine Loader Issue

Using the loader provided with the Taurus TX22 can be challenging as it tends to push the top round down, making it difficult to load the following round due to magazine edges.


To fix this issue:

  • Avoid using the stock magazine loader that comes with the gun.
  • Opt for a better alternative available at gun stores, such as the Hilljak Magazine Speed Loader designed for the Taurus TX22.
  • This alternative loader makes inserting rounds much easier, allowing for quicker reloading and accommodating 16 rounds without difficulty.

Problem #5: Failure to go into Battery

This problem is quite common and occurs when the pistol’s slide doesn’t fully close and lock into place, leading to trigger malfunctions, misfires, erratic cycling, and potentially dangerous situations.


  • Dirty or damaged parts
  • Improper assembly
  • Damaged ammunition
  • Weak springs
  • Use of old, corroded, or damaged rounds


To fix this issue:

  • Disassemble and thoroughly clean the firearm, paying close attention to the barrel and slide.
  • Inspect the extractor for damage and replace it if bent or damaged.
  • Check the recoil spring for damage or weakening and replace it if necessary.
  • Ensure you are using the appropriate ammunition for your firearm.

Problem #6: Failure to Eject

After firing a round, you might encounter a problem where the spent casing doesn’t exit the chamber and causes a jam, or you see a .22LR casing stuck in the ejection port, blocked by the slide. This is known as a failure to eject, and a few factors can lead to it.


  1. Dud Rounds: If the bullet lacks sufficient power, there may not be enough energy left to push back the slide and eject the spent cartridge. This is common with cheaper .22LR ammunition.
  2. Ejector Position: An improperly positioned ejector might fail to pick up the spent casing, leaving it in the chamber.
  3. Overpowered Recoil Spring: A recoil spring that’s too strong can force the slide to close prematurely, especially in smaller caliber guns.


To fix this issue:

  • Try using hotter ammunition with higher velocity to ensure there’s enough kinetic energy for proper ejection.
  • If the issue persists, consider replacing the recoil spring with a less powerful one, as an overly strong spring could be causing the problem.
  • If all else fails, contact Taurus for further assistance. There could be issues with the extractor’s position or configuration that require professional attention.

Problem #7: Cracked Slide

Cracks have been reported in the Taurus TX22 slide, making it the most common problem associated with this firearm. These cracks typically appear at the very front of the slide where the recoil spring is located.


  • Thin Slide Metal: The front portion of the slide is thin, which makes it susceptible to cracks.
  • Firm Recoil Spring: The recoil spring included with the gun has a firm end, which can exert excessive force on the slide, potentially leading to cracks after firing many rounds.


To fix this issue:

  • Replace the original recoil spring with a Lakeline buffered stainless recoil spring, which can help mitigate the excessive force on the slide.
  • If your slide is cracked, it is crucial to replace it promptly. Using a firearm with a cracked slide is extremely dangerous. Contact Taurus immediately to arrange for the replacement of your cracked slide.

Problem #8: Lead Deposit Inside the Barrel

Over time, the barrel of the Taurus TX22 accumulates lead deposits, which can lead to reliability issues. Excessive lead buildup can even cause the cleaning rod to become stuck inside the barrel.


  • Accumulation of Lead Deposits: Regular usage results in lead deposits building up inside the barrel, potentially affecting performance.
  • Stuck Cleaning Rod: If lead deposits become too thick, the cleaning rod may get stuck inside the barrel.


To fix this issue:

  • Disassemble the firearm by pulling down the notch on top of the trigger and pulling the trigger.
  • Remove the slide by taking out the recoil spring.
  • Clean the inside of the barrel using a cleaning rod and copper wool.
  • Use a barrel inspection light to thoroughly examine the interior for any flaws or obstructions.

Problem #9: Faulty Extractor

The Taurus TX22 may experience jams due to extractor issues, including cases where the slide gets stuck midway during cycling.


  • Extractor Fault: A malfunctioning extractor can lead to cycling problems and jams.
  • Weak Extractor Spring: A weak spring can also contribute to extractor-related issues.


To fix this issue:

  • Replace both the extractor and the extractor spring.
  • Remove the slide and barrel.
  • Push the pin on the back of the slide using a small screwdriver to access the extractor.
  • Remove the spring and firing pin.
  • Locate a small hole on the side of the slide, push the pin out, and remove the extractor.
  • Replace the pin and the extractor as needed, follow this video guide for detailed instructions.

User Reviews for Taurus TX22

The Taurus TX22 is a firearm that many people find dependable. However, it’s worth noting that not everyone has had a positive experience with this gun. Some users have encountered issues, mainly involving cracked slides and feeding problems.

On The High Road forum, where TX22 enthusiasts gather, you can find numerous comments from users who generally praise the firearm. Nonetheless, there are also some users who’ve shared their challenges.

Furthermore, on the Uzi Talk forum, individuals have expressed their dissatisfaction with Taurus’ customer service in relation to the TX22.

In summary, the Taurus TX22 can be a reliable firearm, provided you properly maintain it and consider upgrading its accessories. However, it’s essential to be aware that not all users have had trouble-free experiences with this gun.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Taurus TX22

How much is a Taurus TX22?

The Taurus TX22 pistol is usually sold for about $275.94, brand new, and if it’s been used before, you can expect to find it for around $230.97.

How many rounds will the Taurus TX22 pistol last?

The original full-size TX22 can hold up to 16 bullets in its magazine. The Compact model, however, can only hold 13 bullets in its magazine.

Where is Taurus TX22 made?

The TX22 gun was designed by American engineers. They make it in two places: one in Bainbridge, Georgia, and the other in Miami, Florida.

What holsters will fit a Taurus TX22?

You can find the best holsters for Taurus TX22 by clicking here.

What Ammo Does a Taurus TX22 Use?

We tried out lots of different kinds of bullets in the Taurus TX22. But, in our opinion, the CCI Subsonic 1050 FPS bullets worked the best.

What does the Taurus TX22 come with?

When you buy the Taurus TX22 pistol, it also comes with a suppressor adapter collar. You can use this collar to attach a suppressor to the gun. The collar has a special outer thread that’s compatible with most .22LR suppressors you can find in stores. It’s 1/2-28 size, which is the same as many other suppressors use.

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