5 Common Tisas 1911 Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Tisas 1911 Problems: Tisas USA offers a wide variety of 1911 pistols in different types and sizes. These guns come in various calibers and setups to match the needs of all kinds of shooters – whether you’re into competitive shooting or need a reliable firearm for everyday carry, and they are designed to fit different budgets.

The focus of Tisas USA is to craft pistols using top-notch parts, which ensures that the pistols work consistently well and are trustworthy.

The construction of the Tisas 1911 involves using high-quality components. This is vital for making sure the gun functions reliably and maintains consistent performance. Tisas has taken care to assemble these pistols to cater to a broad range of shooters.

However, it’s worth noting that even though the Tisas 1911 performs admirably and adheres to a proven and precise design since it’s a Tisas firearm, there are some matters that potential users should be aware of.

This article will delve deep into the various problems that users might come across when using the Tisas 1911. Not only will we outline these issues, but we’ll also offer solutions for each of them.

Additionally, we will incorporate genuine feedback from real users, which will provide you with a comprehensive insight into how the pistol performs in actual use. So, be sure to keep an eye out for this valuable information!

Specifications & Features of Tisas 1911

Specifications Details
Type Handgun
Place of origin Trabzon, Turkey
Manufacturer Tisas Firearms
Designed 2018
Produced 2019-Present
Calibre 45 ACP
Capacity 8+1
Barrel Length 5.02 Inches
Weight 39 Ounces
Length 8.56 Inches
Finish Cerakote
Action Type SAO
Extras Spare magazine, spare plastic grips, cleaning rod and brush
Sights Front – Blade Rear – Square Notch

Common Tisas 1911 Problems with Solutions

Common Tisas 1911 Problems with Solutions

The Tisas 1911 is built using really good parts to make sure it works well and keeps working well all the time.

The way it’s put together can work well for any shooter, but there are some usual problems with this gun that you should be aware of.

The main issues people faced with the Tisas 1911 are it can be:

  • Tough to pull the slide back
  • Sometimes bullets don’t go into the gun correctly
  • The hammer can hurt your hand often
  • The firing pin can get stuck, and
  • There can be problems with shooting accurately.

Problem #1: Tough to Pull the Slide Back

One problem that people often complain about is that it’s hard to pull the slide back. The slide is the part on top of the gun that moves when you want to load it or get it ready to shoot. Sometimes, you need to use a lot of force to pull it back.

There are a few reasons this might happen. One reason is that the springs inside the gun might get old and not work as well. Springs are like little coils that help the slide move back and forth. If they’re not working right, the slide can feel heavy.

Another reason is that there might be too much friction. Friction happens when things rub against each other, and if the slide isn’t greased or oiled properly, it can be harder to move.


To fix this, you can check the springs and replace them if they’re worn out. Also, make sure to put the right kind of oil or grease on the slide and other moving parts. This will help the slide move smoothly. And don’t forget to check for anything that might be blocking the slide from moving.

Problem #2: Frequent Hammer Bite

The Tisas 1911 is designed so you can hold it high up on the grip. But if you hold it too high, your hand might get hurt by the hammer when the gun shoots. This is called “hammer bite.”

How high you hold the gun and the shape of your hand can make a hammer bite more likely. Sometimes, if you’re not holding the gun correctly, the hammer can hit your hand when the gun moves.


You can try holding the gun a little lower on the grip to avoid a hammer bite. Make sure your thumb is in the right place too. If that doesn’t work, you might need to talk to someone who knows about guns to see if they can change the hammer to stop it from hurting your hand.

Problem #3: Accuracy Issues

Accuracy means hitting the target where you want to. Sometimes, people have trouble hitting what they’re aiming at with the Tisas 1911.

One reason for this might be the barrel – the long metal part inside the gun that the bullet travels through. If the barrel isn’t aligned well, the gun might not shoot accurately. Also, the sights – the parts you look through to aim – might not be the best on the Tisas 1911.


Make sure the barrel is lined up correctly with the slide. You can also think about getting better sights that help you aim more accurately.

Problem #4: Failure to Feed

“Feeding” means putting bullets into the gun so it can shoot them. Sometimes, the Tisas 1911 has trouble doing this. This could be because of a broken or old magazine spring. The magazine is the part that holds the bullets before they’re shot.

Also, using different types of bullets or not holding the gun firmly can cause feeding problems.


Take apart the magazine and clean it. If anything is damaged, like the spring, you might need to replace it. Make sure the bullets are loaded correctly in the magazine and that you’re holding the gun properly.

Problem #5: Firing Pin Gets Stuck

The firing pin is what hits the bullet to make the gun shoot. Sometimes, it can get stuck and not move properly. This can happen if there’s dirt or stuff around the firing pin.


Take the gun apart and look at the firing pin. If it’s dirty, clean it carefully. Put a little bit of oil on it to help it move smoothly.

In conclusion, the Tisas 1911 is a good gun, but like any machine, it can have problems. The good news is that most of these problems have solutions. If you take care of your gun and follow these tips, you can enjoy shooting your Tisas 1911 without too much trouble.

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User Reviews for Tisas 1911

User Reviews for Tisas 1911

While the Tisas 1911 has garnered some criticism for certain common problems, it’s worth noting that several users, particularly those who follow The Shooters Log, have expressed positive sentiments regarding this firearm. Many users, however, encounter a recurring problem with the firing pin failing to function correctly.

Problems can be found in various complaints posted by the author on the 1911 Forum. These users describe the challenges they face while operating the gun and their recurring frustration with the firing pin constantly breaking.

For those seeking comprehensive insights into the Tisas 1911, there is an informative video available. Watching it may provide you with valuable information to reconsider whether this firearm is the right choice for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tisas 1911

Who makes Tisas 1911?

The Tisas 1911 is produced by TİSAŞ USA Firearms, a Turkish company known for making firearms, particularly pistols. These pistols are used by civilians, police, and military personnel worldwide.

Where is Tisas 1911 made?

The Tisas 1911, sometimes referred to as the Tisas Regent, is manufactured in Turkey.

How much is a Tisas 1911 stainless?

Currently, a new stainless TISAS 1911 pistol is priced at an average of $459.82. If you’re considering a used one, the cost is around $345.28.

What are the differences between the Tisas 1911 and the 1911 A1?

The Tisas 1911 is designed based on the original 1911 A1 model but with some modern enhancements. These include a sleek Cerakote Black Finish, a flat mainspring housing, and other subtle upgrades.

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