10+ Common Walther PDP Problems and Their Soultions

Walther PDP Problems: The Walther PDP, also known as the Performance Duty Pistol is a semi-automatic pistol created by Walther Arms in 2021. It uses 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition.

This firearm was designed as a replacement, for the Walther PPQ. Has gained attention due to its design. Walther has positioned it as their flagship pistol showcasing it as the pinnacle of their offerings in this category.

However, despite its performance and the reputable track record of Walther Arms in manufacturing high-quality firearms, there are factors potential users should consider.

In this article, we will thoroughly examine issues that users may encounter when utilizing the Walther PDP. Our objective is not to identify these concerns but to present practical solutions for each one.

To provide you with an understanding of how this pistol performs in real-world scenarios we will incorporate reviews, from actual users. Therefore we highly recommend reading these reviews before making any decisions regarding the purchase or usage of the Walther PDP.

Features & Specifications of Walther PDP

TypeSemi-automatic pistol
Place of originGermany
ManufacturerWalther Arms
Mass (without magazine)23.8 oz (full size)
Mass (with empty magazine)26.9 oz
Length (full size)8.5″
Barrel length4, 4.5, or 5″
Height (full size)15-round detachable box magazine (compact)
Caliber9×19mm Parabellum
ActionShort recoil operated, locked breech
Feed system18-round detachable box magazine (full size)
Three-dot iron sights
SightsThree dot iron sights
MSRPThree-dot iron sights

Common Walther PDP Problems with Solutions

Common Walther PDP Problems with Solutions

The Walther PDP semi-automatic pistol is known for its cutting-edge features, including innovative Super Terrain Slide Serrations, groundbreaking ergonomics, and a newly designed Performance Duty Trigger, all of which are aimed at ensuring readiness for a wide range of situations.

However, like many firearms, the Walther PDP Elite is not without its common issues, which users should be aware of:

  1. Failure to Feed: This problem occurs when the gun struggles to load the next round from the magazine.
  2. Limited Magazine Capacity: Some users may find the magazine’s capacity to be insufficient for their needs.
  3. Wobbling/Fitting Issues: Concerns related to parts fitting properly or issues with the gun’s stability.
  4. Short Battery Life for Optics: If you’re using optics on your PDP Elite, the battery life may be shorter than desired.
  5. Slide-Stop Issue: Issues with the slide not locking back after the last round is fired.
  6. Uncomfortable Grip for Small Hands: Users with smaller hands may find the grip uncomfortable.
  7. Optic Mounting Problem: Challenges related to mounting optics securely.
  8. Inadequate Factory Lubrication: Some users may find that the firearm doesn’t come adequately lubricated from the factory.
  9. Trigger Problem: Issues with the firearm’s trigger mechanism.
  10. Limited Holster Options: Finding the right holster for the PDP Elite may be challenging due to its unique design.
  11. Firing Pin Issue: Problems related to the firing pin can affect the gun’s reliability.

Now that you’re aware of the common problems users face when using the Walther PDP handgun, let’s delve into each of these issues and their potential solutions in greater detail.

Problem #1: Failure to Feed

Some Walther PDP users may experience issues where the gun fails to feed properly. Upon closer examination, they might notice that the round doesn’t fully exit the magazine, causing the back of the round to lift and block the slide from moving forward. Additionally, the nose of the round may be pointing downward.


  1. Safety First: Always ensure the gun is unloaded by checking the chamber.
  2. Inspect the Magazine: Remove the magazine from the gun and examine it closely. If you have an 18-round magazine with orange and black followers, it’s recommended to upgrade it. Walther has issued a recall and provided upgrades for these magazines for the PDP full-size compact gun.
  3. Check for Damage: If your magazine has a blue follower and you still encounter issues, inspect the magazine assembly for any signs of damage. If you find damage, you can replace the follower and spring separately or replace the entire magazine.

Problem #2: Limited Magazine Capacity

The Walther PDP’s limited magazine capacity can be a drawback for users who need more rounds for their shooting activities. This limitation is due to the manufacturer’s design specifications, aiming to balance size, weight, and handling with the magazine’s capacity.


  1. Reload Training: To mitigate the impact of limited capacity, consider training intensively in reloading techniques to minimize downtime between magazine changes.
  2. Magazine Extensions: Explore magazine extensions that can increase the number of rounds a magazine can hold. However, it’s crucial to have these modifications performed by a professional gunsmith to maintain firearm safety and functionality.

Problem #3: Wobbling/Fitting Issues

Some users may notice occasional wobbling between the slide and the frame of the Walther PDP, which may cause concerns about accuracy.


  1. Avoid Excessive Shaking: Try to avoid excessive shaking while using the gun, as this model is designed with some play between the slide and the frame to enhance reliability. This play does not affect the gun’s accuracy.

Problem #4: Short Battery Life for Optics

Short battery life for optics on the Walther PDP can result from continuous high-intensity use, lower-quality batteries, and extreme environmental conditions.


  1. Turn Off Optics: Turn off the optic when it’s not in use to conserve battery power.
  2. Use High-Quality Batteries: Invest in higher-quality batteries to enhance performance and extend battery life. Regularly replace batteries as needed.
  3. Weather-Resistant Batteries: In extreme weather conditions, consider using batteries designed to withstand such environments.

Problem #5: Slide-Stop Issue

Users may encounter situations where the slide of the Walther PDP does not lock back on the last round.


  1. Thumb Placement: Ensure that your thumbs are positioned straight forward for a better grip. Avoid placing your thumb over the slide lock area while holding the gun, as this can prevent the slide lock from engaging with the magazine follower and causing the slide to lock back.

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Problem #6: Uncomfortable Grip for Small Hands

Some users with smaller hands may find the grip of the Walther PDP uncomfortable due to its larger frame design. The grip’s size and shape, designed to accommodate a broad range of users, can lead to awkward handling and potentially affect accuracy. Additionally, the grip’s texture may cause discomfort during extended use.


  1. Aftermarket Grips: Consider aftermarket grips designed for smaller hands. These grips can provide better manageability, control, and comfort.
  2. Grip-Strengthening Exercises: Practice grip-strengthening exercises to improve handling and control of the firearm.
  3. Professional Modifications: Any grip modifications should be performed by a professional gunsmith to ensure firearm safety and functionality.

Problem #7: Optic Mounting Problem

Some Walther PDP users may experience issues with the optic mounting plates, even right out of the box. This can manifest as loose or misaligned plates, causing concerns about the optic’s stability and functionality.


  1. Revised Models: Walther has released revised versions (such as the PDP Pro SD) to address mounting plate fitment issues. If you have a first-generation PDP model, contact Walther for assistance.

Problem #8: Inadequate Factory Lubrication

The Walther PDP may arrive from the factory with insufficient lubrication, leading to operational issues. The lack of lubrication can cause friction between moving parts and potential firearm failures.


  1. Apply Gun Lubricant: Apply an appropriate gun lubricant to the necessary parts of the firearm before its first use to ensure smooth operation. Regularly clean and lubricate the firearm after each use to maintain reliability.

Problem #9: Trigger Problem

Users may encounter trigger issues, such as failure to reset after firing multiple rounds. This malfunction can disrupt shooting sessions.


  1. Contact Walther: For trigger-related problems, it is advisable not to attempt self-repair. Instead, contact Walther via email for assistance and guidance on resolving the issue.

Problem #10: Limited Holster Options

Limited holster options for the Walther PDP result from its recent introduction to the market. Many holster manufacturers may not have yet updated their product lines to include this firearm.


  1. Patience and Communication: Be patient and understand that it takes time for manufacturers to develop holsters for new firearms. You can express your interest in PDP-compatible holsters to holster manufacturers, which may accelerate the availability of suitable holsters.

Problem #11: Firing Pin Issue

A firing pin issue can manifest as failure to fire rounds from the magazine or light primer strikes, even when rounds are chambered.


  1. Cleaning and Inspection: Remove the firing pin assembly, clean it, and inspect it for dirt or obstructions. Lubricate it with high-quality gun oil before reassembly.
  2. Extractor Inspection: Check the extractor for damage or wear that may affect its function. Replace it if necessary.
  3. Firing Pin Spring: Examine the firing pin spring tension and adjust it if required using appropriate tools.
  4. Gunsmith Assistance: If problems persist, seek assistance from a gunsmith who can diagnose and repair firing pin issues.

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User Reviews for Walther PDP

User Reviews for Walther PDP

Review 1: FritoPendejoEsquire

“I don’t think there is a better option for a general purpose handgun. I switched from a Glock 17 to the 4.5” full-size PDP. All of my split times and scores improved. And I’ll get even greater performance out of the PDP with more trigger time.”

Review 2: long0tall0texan

“PDP is a great gun. I may be biased because I have 3 of them in different sizes. But, the reason I have 3 sizes is because after buying my first, and comparing it to others that I own/owned, I decided that the PDP was just better, for me, in so many ways.”

Review 3: Substantial_Cry57

“Phenomenal Poly Striker Fired Pistol. I have the 5” Full Size and have zero negative things to say about it. My best home defense setup pistol.”

Review 4: FortitudeWisdom

“It’s excellent as far as bang for your buck goes. Best trigger on a striker-fired handgun that I’ve felt. Ergonomics are great for me. I love the controls. The slide isn’t too difficult to rack. The muzzle rise from firing is a bit much though. I don’t like how snappy it is. I’m pretty happy with it generally, I just gotta figure out how to keep the muzzle down lol.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Walther PDP

What does Walther PDP stand for?

Walther PDP stands for Performance Duty Pistol.

Where is Walther PDP made?

The Walther PDP is made in Germany.

When did the Walther PDP come out?

The Walther PDP was released in the year 2021.

How much is a Walther PDP?

The MSRP of Walther PDP is $699.00

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